Pool Cleanup

6 Sep

With the house we inherited an old swimming pool that had previously been used as a trash dump (no joke!). At first I was a bit ambivalent – would we use it? would it be a big money drain? But then we discovered that the cost to fill it in would be somewhere in the region of $10k, and then what would we do with the space? We already have a huge garden so we don’t need the additional space. So we decided to keep it, get it working and renovate it down the line.

It was a month before we moved into the house after completing so the pool was left sitting during all that time, it got green and it was alive! On the night we moved in there was a heatwave here in Marin and  we discovered mosquito larvae had taken residence en mass and we needed to fix it ASAP. We quickly placed a call to Dick of Blu Dolphin Pool service and he came straight out and advised us of what to do next.

The pool had to be drained, chlorine washed, acid washed to remove the stains from the trash and the bust light fixture needed to be sealed off as it was unsafe. The pool equipment would need to be checked to see if its working (thankfully it is). Then we would have to refill the pool to stop it from “popping” out of the ground.

Here’s the pool clean up in action:

This is the old pool house & equipment. We have ideas on what to eventually do with the pool “shed” house as its fully plumbed and has a toilet in it already but more on that to come:

We also had to install a safety mechanism asap so that Jack, our 2 yr old, could run free around the plot. We decided to do this ourselves and after much debate and advice about what to get we ordered a pool safety fence off the internet. It came with all the bits needed to install  and its taken about 2 days of solid work in terms of measuring, drilling and getting the right line so we still have access around the pool. This was one of the more urgent things to do to make sure the house is safe for Jack.

All we need  now is a new net to clean up any leaves, and a solar cover to warm the water, and a new pump may come sooner rather than later once we see the elec bill for this old one. But we have a working & clean pool – its not the fanciest pool on the block, but major renovation for that will come in a  year or two once we have fixed up the rest of the house. Till that time we hope to get some enjoyment and fun out of it as it is.

On that note its time for a dip!!

One Response to “Pool Cleanup”

  1. Liz McCarthy September 22, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

    OMG, it is SOOO cool to see you swimming in the pool and it actually working. I just never thought I’d see that day, makes me so excited to see you in the future fabulously rennovated house!

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