Exterior Inspiration

13 Sep

As we are completely immersed in the design stage – trying to figure out what we want the house to “be”  has been overwhelming to say the least. There’s so many choices out there, but here’s a few of our fave’s that we shared with our architect, Tom of McElroy architecture to help explain our vision for this old 1950’s home:

We just love the lines on this house below, and the cedar paneling as a detail against the vivid color. Now we aren’t thinking lime green for our house but on this design it totally works and is super modern and fresh.

This house has a great front living room window- semi boxed and something we’d like to replicate on the front of ours. I’m also totally digging the modern door with the side window panel.

This next house is just stunning, I love the metal siding and cedar combo with the big open windows. The fact that it was a remodel and became a 5 level house is amazing. The roof line is very different to what we will be doing, but color scheme wise this is right up our street (and it helps with the visualizing that there’s a touraeg in the driveway too!).

And finally this gorgeous prefab home designed by Hive Modern has a mix of stucco and cedar siding accented with dark windows that we are seriously considering as a solid option.

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