The Vision…

26 Sep

We finalized the plans this past week and our architect, Tom , took all our requests and incorporated them into the proposed scheme.  So here is our vision – this is what we will be aiming to achieve over the coming months and years….  we have included below the 3D model which was drawn in google sketch-up (fantastic free 3D modelling software if you havent tried it already) together with proposed plans for 1st and 2nd floor (…ground floor doesn’t exist in the US).

A key aspect of the design is the cut and flattened existing wrap around roof which gives us greater depth at the 2nd floor facade.  In turn this allows us to build 2 big bay windows at the front of the house on the 2nd floor and a projecting window in the front room on the 1st floor.  The windows will give each of the rooms good light and fantastic views over the San Francisco Bay and City.  If you refer back to the photo of the existing facade you will see the wrap around roof continuing up to the facade and only providing room a very narrow and unattractive window opening… so we think the cut roof and addition of the bays will be a nice transformation.

We are in the process of deciding on the external building materials:- we are considering Hardie fiber cement boards for the horizontal siding and cedar with walnut stain for the contrast on the front right of the 1st floor.  We have decided to go with a standing seam metal roof system which we will be purchasing from Chris at  Omega roof is a metal roof supply company so we will be purchasing materials directly from this supplier and managing the install of the roof ourselves using skilled roofers on an as needed basis.  Chris has provided us with the contact details for a couple of skilled guys who are willing to help us out for a reasonable day rate.  Going down this “owner contractor” route rather than via a local roofing contractor will save us approximately 50% on  roof install cost. It’s likely to be 2011 by the time we get to the roofing so we are planning to do a little patch up work on the existing timber shingle roof before winter (we can see daylight shining through the roof in a number of areas).  The bay window rectangular box roofs will be a hand-made pans formed in zinc.  Windows options currently comprise Gerkin, Andersen and Marvin.  We will be pricing windows in the next couple of weeks once we have the window schedule confirmed.

The floor plans were created to make best use of the available space, to pinch some additional space economically and to have minimal intrusion on the existing structure.  The chosen scheme hit all of these requirements giving us 3 beds and 2 baths upstairs, maintaining the 2 beds, 1 bath and living down stairs,  in addition to a remodeled kitchen and new family room and laundry area.  All this was achieved with a minimal increase to the existing square footage.

Here’s the upstairs plan:

The shaded bits are going to be the areas we have to build out. The master bedroom has views of the bay and it also overlooks the garden and pool which was also one of our asks…. we were going to have a tub in the master bath but have decided to go for a  big walk in shower room instead.

The downstairs plan:

We are moving the entrance to the front of the house  so that it faces out to the street and the  wall in between the kitchen and lounge to give us room for a nice L shaped kitchen with centre Island. The staircase will be completely open so that light can stream down into it.

We have Larry Wong, our structural engineer, working up the structural drawings for the build and the next step will be entering the Marin County Permitting Maze…

Watch this space to see what  they have to say about it!

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