Landscape inspiration

11 Oct

All the recent work on the garden got us thinking – what are we actually trying to achieve here?? We are probably crazy but we started the foundation work without having master plan yet!

We basically know what we want, but any good landscape architect will tell you that having a well thought out plan is better than heaping a load of half baked ideas together. So I started to browse around for some inspiration and ideas …..

I stumbled across this landscape architect from the UK – Amir Schlezinger from and his work is amazing to say the least. Check out some of these designs of his:-

I love this outdoor eating area with built in bench and am eye-ing up something similar for our mid level.

The colors in this next image are awesome and remind me of some of the incredible gardens we saw in Mexico (check out Frida Kahlo’s garden if you can – its amazing.). I am all for incorporating pops of bright colors here and there and I love how the orange looks in this space. I’m still itching for smooth plastered walls in the garden but we have about a mile of wall to cover so I may have to give up!

Last but not least is finding a space for a stunning and soothing water feature. I hadn’t thought about this given that we’ve been focusing all our attention on the pool as the main water feature! But i’d love something else, some running water somewhere maybe..I love this design:-

Palm trees, running water, amazing lighting – what’s not to love??!

It will be a LONG time before we are anywhere close to something like this- but I can dream in the meantime! Till then we’ll keep turning the dry dirt.

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