Holiday Spirit

29 Dec

Happy Holidays!

Its been a while since we last posted – mainly because NOTHING has been going on!!!! We are in that horrible waiting for permits period and are hoping that we can start the new year off with a bang and actually get cracking on the major renovations.

In the meantime tho we have adjusted to living in a 1950’s house. We got the prehistoric oven up and running, gave it a good scrub and Jon was actually able to prepare a tasty Christmas dinner on it. I was worried we would be eating microwaveable dinners on this special day but he pulled through for us!

We also survived some of the heavy rains that have been blasting us this season.  I was super worried about this  as we have actual holes in the roof and daylight streaming through, and we’ve seen some of the heaviest rains I can remember since moving to the Bay Area. But amazingly the roof has held up so far and we are still dry – no small miracle! Fingers crossed this continues as more storms are forecast to come.

The rains also brought a small ant infestation which wasn’t much fun, but I since found out that this is not unique to our old ramshackle house. They are common in Marin when the rains come down so heavy and the ants seek more substantial shelter, and food which made me feel a little better about dealing with the situation!

On the positive tho we have been using this time to make lots of decisions upfront about the materials going into the house –  I have visited more showrooms in the last few weeks than I care to remember! But lighting decisions have been made, tile choices, windows, bathroom hardware even the Kitchen – so we should be set to motor forward in the new year!

Here’s hoping we get those permits soon.

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