The Pain of Pool Maintenance

13 Jan

Owning a pool was not something we had factored in when we were looking for a house. We knew nothing about what was involved  (coming from England where pools are few and far between!) so its been a huge learning curve and they require quite a bit of commitment in terms of time and finances – and that’s just for a modern pool. Let alone one that needs totally remodeling!

The pool is definitely on the back burner of things we need to do remodel wise, but as posted previously, it needed some immediate attention when we moved in. We got it up and running and so it was clean and safe and we thought that would be it for a year or two till we could get round to re-modelling it. We were wrong!

This week the 20 yr old sand filter packed in, so there was a huge pile of sand sitting in the bottom of the pool and the filter was  totally mangled.

It needed immediate attention to stop the water going stagnant and  repair was not an option given the age of it. So we were looking at a new filter for a cost of $1500…yikes!!! At a time when all finances are being carefully monitored to repair major things like the roof and the kitchen etc this was not something we had planned for to say the least.

This is when having the new home owners insurance was a blessing. We didn’t think much about it at the time – our realtor had  given it to us as a gift  and part of the sale of the house and being new to the US home owning scene we weren’t sure what to do with it, but wow has it come in handy right now!

We were able to get a brand new filter for the pool for only $60 and the other upside is that this new filter (the Crystal Water Aqua Clean by Waterway) is more efficient and cheaper to run than our previous one so here’s hoping that our bills will reduce (tho to be honest they haven’t really been as high as we thought in the first place).

The other thing – and the one that i’m most excited about – is that its smaller, so we can finally tear down this monstrosity of a collapsing mini shed and replace it with a smarter looking and safer box! This will free up valuable space in the walkway here and also put the equipment firmly out of reach of little hands!

In the future we will upgrade everything to include heating equipment as we know we will get more use out of the pool if we can use it at any time in the year, and its likely that the position of this equipment will shift as we redesign this entire area…but that’s a fair way off!

2 Responses to “The Pain of Pool Maintenance”

  1. Treena Jinnah January 13, 2011 at 7:15 am #

    I hear you Sam, our pool has been a nightmare. We had a pool fence erected but unbeknown to us, it punctured the exit pipe. We first realized a month later when the pool started leaking, the motor broke down and the pool turned green. So new motor, new filter, hundreds of dollars or algea clear, chlorine etc etc. It still wouldn’t work. More investigations revealed that a snake had blocked some of the pipes, pretty freaky when it was flushed out.

    So we seem to be back on track but now our creepy is temperamental and gets blocked with mass pods – a large indigenous tree seed pod, and power cuts mess up the filter.

    Still we love having it’d and the fact we could swim on Christmas day made up for al l the hassles.

    We have also discovered a chemical system called Blue52 which is just brilliant and removes the need to regularly chlorinate etc as you put it in the tank and it releases as needed.

    Oh the difficult life we lead,

    Treena x

    • Samantha January 19, 2011 at 12:39 am #

      Snakes in the pool pipes??!!!! thank god we wont have to deal with that – I think!!

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