Kitchen Design – first attempt.

14 Jan

With the imminent arrival of our contractor (read Dad!) from England we have been busy making decisions on the interiors and one major area in particular – the Kitchen.

I am beyond excited to get this designed and planned out as I would love to see the new kitchen in the house asap – but I suspect I’ll have to wait till the early summer till other key projects have been done first.

We knew exactly what we wanted with the kitchen- a modern, clean  and well thought out use of what will be a small-ish but open space. Both Jon and I were drawn to modern European kitchens, which aren’t always easy to find here in an affordable but good quality range. There seems to be 2 extremes in the US – Ikea for the lower end, and then at the opposite end of the scale  Poggen Pohl or Boffi, both of which I would die for but are wayyy out of our range.

So we googled. And then we stumbled across a company that makes the kitchens in Europe but ships them back to the US. Kitchen Zilla by European Design Outlet – they are reasonably priced and offer great quality and designs. They also offer a design service that we’ve taken advantage of to help us start to visualize the final result.

We’ve had them scope out a design for us and here’s the ideas so far:

and here’s another angle view:

So far i’m impressed – I need more cupboards than shown on the above 3d rendering but that’s easy to fix by adding more above the built in oven and removing the open shelving they are showing there. I think they’ve made good use of the space, kept things in a logical order and fitted everything we wanted appliance wise into the kitchen – well everything except a wine fridge but there’s just no room for that – so we will have to place that elsewhere.

It wont be the biggest kitchen in the world but hopefully it will be clean, modern and a useful space. Our family spends a lot of time in here and Jon is an excellent cook so we have to make sure this area really works for him in particular, then we will all be happy!

2 Responses to “Kitchen Design – first attempt.”

  1. Joe August 27, 2011 at 8:18 am #

    How was the price of IKEA vs Kitchen-zilla?

    • Samantha August 27, 2011 at 9:37 am #

      Ikea is cheaper but there wasn’t a whole lot in it. Kitchen-zilla offers a much wider range of cabinetry styles and the ability to custom create your kitchen if that’s what you are looking for. However as were are still considering a high gloss white kitchen you cant really beat Ikea’s prices – we will likely add our own hardware tho and appliances.

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