Family Bath Ideas

20 Jan

Up first on the design front in our massive project is the family bath –  the old suite has been ripped out already and the new wall framing is going up so I have to make decisions asap on what we want in there. Bathroom design is hard because you don’t want it to be boring stark white, but at the same time its a pain to redo if you go for something that could date.

As previously mentioned I’ve been scouring Houzz for some ideas and here’s what I’ve hit upon…… a touch of color, keeping it simple for the most part, but sleek too.

Master Bath – contemporary – bathroom – new york – by Rosemarie V. DiSalvo.

18th residence – modern – bathroom – san francisco – by ChrDAUER Architects.

Berkshire Country House, Upstate New York – contemporary – bathroom – new york – by Vanni Archive.

I think some combo of these 3 could really work – keeping the bath light & spacious but on the fun side of modern without being too kiddy. I love the blue hue of the glass tiles in the 3rd picture, they work with the dark floor which will be great for messy kids!

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