Week one roundup…..Demolition time.

23 Jan

Week one and I cannot believe the progress made so far – its almost overwhelming to see a once dark and bizarrely laid out space become open and semi-light and empty of mountains of dark wood!

Before I get into what’s been going on – here’s what the upstairs looked like before…….

It was set up like a mini apartment in the house – so this was like a lounge with a working wood burning stove, then there was a bathroom……

And finally a small double bedroom with a covered rotten old deck overlooking the garden…

The entire space was about 700 Sq Ft and covered in dark old wood, and we plan to – with an addition or two – take the space to about 1,000 Sq Ft and to hold 3 bedrooms, a family bath and a master suite. The rooms wont be massive but big enough and well laid out.

This is what the space looks like now after a week of demo and all the wood & drywall being ripped out….

I am beyond excited to see the progress being made so fast. Its  funny seeing the space empty – makes it seem smaller than it actually is and had me panicking about fitting the rooms we want in here. There’s also an ancient wood burning stove that weighs a ton –  i’m not kidding when I say 2 men cant even lift it – its that heavy!  They must have craned it in when they built this upstairs and now we have to figure out how to get it down.

This upper floor is going to look like this for a while as walls get moved, electrics get relaid and flooring gets figured out. We also have to move around some plumbing to accommodate a new family bathroom layout so that will require floorboards to come up before we can even think about putting in anything else.

What was a renovation reality was the water pouring through the downstairs ceiling after a pipe was nicked a little in the upstairs bath removal process!! It was quite amusing to see – given that it happened on day one I wasn’t expecting anything like that for at least a few weeks!! Still it was quickly contained and no damage was done so no issues there. There was also the small incident of 3 dead rodents and a nest in the attic which have been removed thank god – and there’s no sign of any current activity in that department which is a relief!

Some structural posts have been removed (turns out they weren’t holding anything up anyway!!) and we are living with 1 temp post holding up the roof of our house till we can get new walls in! We’ve placed an order for the flooring (5 inch wide engineered unfinished white oak floor) so that and the underfloor heating can get laid and an electrician is coming round this week to start figuring out the mass of dangling wires that remain.

Its defo progress, but its a long road we are on!

One Response to “Week one roundup…..Demolition time.”

  1. Treena January 23, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    I don’t eny you but I certainly admire you – living in a work in progress!!
    The space looks fantastic and I love the sound of the floor. One thing, have you thought about a “bevelled edge” on the floorboards. If the wood is engineered it will make it look more like boards instead of the clean symmetric edge. We had it done in our London house ( do you maybe remember the teak floor) it was a bit more difficult to clean but the effect is great

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