Temporary Storage Solutions!

25 Jan

With half the house currently in an unliveable state – it means we are confined to living in just 4 rooms – the 2 bedrooms downstairs, lounge & kitchen. Jon, Jack & I are all sharing one room (dont ask!!) and  Jon’s dad is in the other guest room. As you can imagine storage space is at a premium – half our stuff is still in boxes in the garage but we have had to semi unpack the basics and currently have limited places to hang our things. Its at the point where i’m trawling through piles of clothes on the floor to just get dressed for work in the morning- not the best way to start a day.

Enter the quick fire solution – a temp built in wardrobe! Lovingly handcrafted from the ripped out wood from upstairs (actually an old door) and an clothes rail we found. How’s that for being eco friendly and recycling!!  Its also the perfect width for our other temp rail to fit in underneath – so we have a double rail and more hanging space.

There’s no space in our room (should I say Jack’s room) to build such a thing so for now all things needing to be hung will be in the guest room on this great bit of kit.

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