Stairway to Heaven?

31 Jan

This is an area i’ve not given much thought to before now about so it surprised me when we started talking about it that I had very definite opinions on how the stairs should look and feel. I realized that the design of the stairs is really important given that they are going to be highly visable and  lead into the kitchen/dining area of the house and be a highly trafficked area. They have to be practical, well built and fit in with the rest of the house design.

I dont want open treds given we’ve got  little ones tearing up & down the stairs, the open design of these presents a real issue – I can see our boys pushing toys through them etc. And we cant go for glass as a finish (even though i’d love it as it looks so open and modern) as that would be a cleaning disaster for me to stay on top of! You can visualize the mucky handprints right now.  So we’ve settled on a metal modern style banister with solid wooden stairs and a wooden handrail (color TBD). This is much more practical and hardwearing as  putting new stairs into a house is super involved and isn’t something we are going to want to do again in a hurry.

Here’s some visuals of what we are thinking (again taken so kindly from Houzz) . I love the way this banister snakes down the stairs, and the light fixture hanging in the well is to die for – its got me thinking about finding a feature light for our stairs that’s a little more toddler proof and less smashable. We wont have an open space at the top of our stairs as they will lead into a solid wall but I do like the color of the metal here on the banister and the horizontal lines.

Sugar Bowl Residence – modern – staircase – – by John Maniscalco Architecture.

The built in storage under these stairs is a great idea and one I will certainly be adopting. Storage will be at a premium in the house so this is a great idea to try and copy and its highly likely that our stairs will be in a similar formation too with a single return at the halfway point.

Louie – modern – staircase – san francisco – by John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA.

We’ve also agreed upon a large single windown to bring light into this stairwell which i’m pretty excited about. This is going to have to be a custom window built specially for the space as its going to span the 2 floors of the house – but it will have a feel something like this one below:

Cary Bernstein Architect Ridge House – modern – hall – san francisco – by Cary Bernstein Architect.

Our view is not quite as dramatic as this one, and I don’t think we’ll have room for the little window bench but it will still be a nice feature to have to bring light into the space!

What’s been great about this whole design process that Jon and I are pretty much inline with each other – despite him being a fan of concrete/metal/hard edge styles – and me wanting a touch more luxury and softness in the space, we always seem to come to the same agreement on design  in the end which makes life much much easier!

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