Week 2 Round up: Boards Up, Muck Out, Pipes In.

31 Jan

This week was a week of loud banging and crashing – well that’s what it sounded like to  me, the non worker! What was in actual fact happening was that the upstairs floorboards were all being  pulled up and underneath them was being cleaned out with an industrial vacuum. We started this last week but this week was finishing the job and removing any more debris ( i.e.old insulation, small dead rodents, muck & dust) so that then we had a) a cleaner better smelling home and b) space to lay new pipes for the upstairs bathroom. This was no easy task as the floorboards upstairs are 1 & 1/2 inch thick – so we had to cut through them with an electric saw – carefully avoiding any pipes/nails. These floor boards wont be visible in the finished house – they will actually become the sub-floor,  so we didn’t need to worry about keeping them in tact.

Here’s that work in action:

Now i’m no plumber, so  all the talk of  swapping a1/2 inch pipe for an 3/4 inch pipe  blah blah flew straight over my head. But what I do know is that the old system was done in some convoluted manner that meant the last thing to be served by pipe from the mains was actually the hot water tank. This amazes me – whoever designed the old system thought that sending the cold water round every inch of the house first and then linking it to the hot water mains  and re-sending it back around the house was a smart thing to do. As you can imagine – the pressure was minimal by the time the water got to the hot taps!

So we changed it. We also had to prep the upstairs for the radiant heat system to be installed – this will also be run off the hot water tank so allowances were made for this. And we are now re-plumbed and ready to install the upstairs bathroom in its new location, this seemed to take next to no time and was done at very little expense – I guess that’s a major benefit of having a plumber in the family!

Other jobs happening this week were the removal of the drywall and wood panelling from the stairwell. We are going to rebuild this staircase with a new hand rail etc at some point but it too needed cleaning out first before anything could happen. Here’s Jon in action on that:

They had to build a temp scaffold structure out of wood so that we could access this area as this is directly over the stairwell (that we have now sealed up from being used). This terrifying looking contraption was built out of the wood debris that we removed from the upstairs – so yet again trying to be eco and economical and re-use the wood! Tho there’s no chance I’m standing on that thing.

As this week draws to a close the weather is turning on us. The rains are coming back so some major prep work is being done to make sure that the upstairs remains dry. We had removed some heating ducts etc that went directly out through the roof – so yes, there are big holes in the roof right now. These will get plugged over with tarpaulin till  we are ready to replace it. This isn’t scheduled to happen till April so we have to survive 2 months with a temp fix and maybe a lot of buckets!

2 Responses to “Week 2 Round up: Boards Up, Muck Out, Pipes In.”

  1. Liz McCarthy February 1, 2011 at 5:29 am #

    I certainly KNOW what you had to vaccum up, wow, I can’t believe how much you have done…I’m just so excited to come see the progress in person….

    • Samantha February 1, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

      Hi Liz – you will defo be on the housewarming party invite list! Might be a few more months yet!!!

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