Family Room Ideas

11 Feb

Now that we’ve decided to expand the sq ft  in this room by pushing out an extra 4 ft,  it means we can consider a lot more layout and furniture options. We are  going to get rid of the big bay window that we were going to have,  kind of like this one :

Lovell Residence – modern – family room – san francisco – by Quezada Architecture.

And go for a 12 ft Slider door  (2 panels of 6 ft each) in this room too – which will make the entire back of the house open to the garden.  Imagine this kind of set up:

Feldman Architecture – modern – living room – san francisco – by Feldman Architecture, Inc..

And our room will have a similar set up to these two (if you combine them!) : nice bright and open space with views out to the garden – except our far back wall will be solid and not glass.

orit – modern – family room – tel aviv – by

I wanted a solid wall so that we would have more storage space in the form of built ins and a place for the TV to be housed. I’m thinking about white like this wall to ceiling built in as its super clean looking and we could probably get something from Ikea that would do the job:

Espacios, casas | Nuevo Estilo revista de decoración – – – – by

I can see this space being where we spend a lot of our time as a family so the space has to be functional and really work for us. But I also like the idea that its a second play place for the kids – away from their bedrooms so we might incorporate a kids zone into the room kind of like this one:

Family Room – modern – kids – new york – by Elliott Kaufman.

I love how the Ikea bookshelf has been painted the same color as the walls to make it look like more of a custom piece. We’ll also extend the underfloor heating into this new room so that the flooring we choose – be it wood or tile will be warm underfoot.

This room will really make the house and having the extra space is going to be worth the slight bit of extra hassle right now to get it approved. I’m glad we decided to do it now and not later that’s for sure!

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