Week 4 Round Up: Sub Flooring and Framing

13 Feb

Jon was traveling on business this week, and as for me well I’m not able to do much right now in the form of getting my hands dirty , so David was flying solo this week and boy did he make some serious changes to upstairs! After spending last week on his knees replacing floor boards after the clean up operation, this week involved completing the fixing of the under floor heating tubes and fixing the plywood sub floor above.  Laying the reflective barrier, timber spars (to support the sub-floor), the 500 ft of heating tubes, and the plywood sub floor was a process that took much longer than anticipated.  Further, we decided that the sub floor needed to be glued and screwed which then required each screw position to be carefully measured and checked before fixing…as we could not risk damaging the heating tubes. The one bonus tho as that the sub-floor was made re-using all the timber we extracted from the demo week.  We must have saved about $1k in lumbar costs doing this, not to mention its a lot more eco-friendly!

Framing started on Wednesday concurrently with floor progress for a change of scenery as the flooring work is so mind numbing its good to mix it up a bit.  All the flooring was down by Friday evening and now we will focus on getting the framing completed. Here’s the start of the framing work:

and here’s what it looked like by the end of the week (this picture is taken from what will be the master bedroom):

Here’s Jon and his dad measuring out the extractor fan space in the front kids bedroom closet.

All three bedrooms were  framed out, the family bathroom and the closet spaces too.  We even built a space for the extractor fan from the  (soon to be new) kitchen to exit through as we didn’t want to be cutting out space for that down the line. It’s amazing how decisions you make upstairs can impact development downstairs, so, each action has been carefully assessed to figure out if it’s the optimal thing to do for both floors.

This was really exciting to see as it’s the first time you get a sense of the space we’ve mapped out for each room. The rooms feel good  in size, not crazy big but spacious enough.  I think I’m finally over my “there’s not enough room up here for 3 bedrooms” phase as I can really see it now.  I also cant wait to see the impact the new big bay windows will have on the light in this upstairs space as it’s still a little on the dark side with only 2 small windows feeding in light right now.

Up next is the electrics and getting the insulation back in and some drywall up. For me – I need to crack on with choosing the family bath fixtures & fittings asap as they will be going in in the next few weeks.

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