Garden Playtime

15 Feb

With the summer approaching fast I wanted to create at least one safe space for Jack to play in the garden till we figure out what we are doing with the rest of it! We’ve already decided that  the big corner piece on the top part of the garden will be a kids area but I have been looking around for structures to put in here and have been shocked by the price of them. Jon and his dad really wanted to build something as it would be more affordable and a nice memento of the renovation but we discussed it  further and with their focus being on the house and  the cost of the lumber and the other parts needed (like slides & swings etc) we  were as well buying a ready-made kit from somewhere.

After a ton of research I found this on the Costco website and its a really reasonably priced set from Gorilla Playsets. You seem to get a lot of playthings for your money compared to other places we’ve looked at, and its got an additional $200 off right now if we purchase before the end of Feb.

This structure has a ton of extra features on it that I know Jack (and hopefully the new one!) will love the included climbing wall,  a telescope and a tic tac toe game

I also like the fact that these playhouses come with a 10 year warranty so if anything goes wrong we have some sort of back up plan.

First up we need to get Pablo, our landscaper, back to flatten the earth on this part of the garden, we also need some privacy bamboo plants putting in as it’s a little open to the neighbors and the road. Then he can put down weed cloth and some tan bark (wood chip) so that there’s a soft landing and that should be all required for this spot. The actual installation of the structure should take about 5 hours and I know 2 fellas who are just the men for the job!!!

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