Family Bathroom Fixtures

19 Feb

Jon and I have spent the last few nights trawling the web looking for faucet (that’s a tap for my UK friends!) options for the family bathroom, and trying to decide on the exact bath and sinks we want in there. This is fast coming up to being ready for installation, and  a lot of these items have a 3-4 week lead time to get them delivered so we had to make our decisions this week.

We came across Faucets Direct and after some research can  say that this is one of the cheapest places around to order your faucets from. The main issue is that we really needed to touch and feel them – some things look great but feel super cheap and flimsy when you start using them. So we headed our yesterday on a rainy  freezing afternoon to  hop from showroom to showroom narrowing down the options we love and here’s where we’ve netted out…..

The Bath. Originally we wanted to get a nice 5″5 bath in here as this would be the only Bath upstairs, I was  even pushing for a whirlpool tub one  at one point but the $2k price tag on those made even this hardy spender a little uncomfortable!!! Having hunted high and low for a well designed, simple modern looking bath  at 5″5 we gave up, and downsized to a 5″ one. This was the one compromise I was ok making as a 5″ bath is still a good size for two boys to be in at once, and as water regulations are getting tighter in California all the time it will actually be cheaper and easier to fill.

We were also limited to a 3 ft alcove apron front, left hand drain bath, rather than a drop in due to the size of the space we have for it – so this limited the options again. Finally we found this nice and simple bath from Kohler – The Bellwether. Its affordable, will fit perfectly into the space and doesn’t have any fussy detail on the front apron which is actually really hard to avoid!

Its super simple but that’s what we wanted. Then we moved onto the faucets. After some deliberation we settled on Hans Grohe , a German-made brand, and their Metris S collection. Its modern and yet simple in its styling and wont be too fussy or complicated for little hands to use.

Here’s the 2 faucets we are still considering….a single handle version and a double handle one. I am more drawn to the double handle one as I think it will be easier for kids to use but also look wise it adds a little more to the plain sinks and black countertop we are going for.

The shower & tub fixtures are also really nice – really sleek in design and I like that it has one plate to do the 2 things from  and that keeps the taps off the bath edges keeping the bath area cleaner looking.

The final thing we had to make a decision on was the bath vanity unit. I really wanted to go with a lighter wood vanity but with modern styling and again it’s not been easy to find. We discovered that in Home Depot you can get Kraftmaid cabinetry made to your exact specs and so I think we are going to do this. I am leaning towards a natural maple  finish which will give that light wood look we are after . Here’s some samples from their website.

I love that the entire cabinet is made with wood – it has a really high quality finish but not a crazy price. And by getting something made just for us we can stick to our ideal plan of having 2 rectangle under-mounted sinks and the solid black countertop  (again rectangle under-mounted sinks are proving impossible to find!!!).

Once we have these pieces ordered in our plumber extraordinaire (Jon’s dad David!) can fit the valve’s and start to put cement board around the shower/bath area to get it all ready for installation. We’ve also had to make a decision on the electrics needed in the bathroom as the lights are getting fitted as we speak! So we are going for a 3 light 2 mirror configuration a little like this set up, as well as a couple of spots in the ceiling:

Kerchum Residence  – by Nick Kerchum.

Its nice and clean-looking and will require less mirror cleaning than having a large wall to ceiling mirror – something key to think about with 2 little boys using the space!

I hope to have some Bathroom in progress pics soon once we start installing all these pieces.

5 Responses to “Family Bathroom Fixtures”

  1. Treena Jinnah March 4, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    All our “faucets” in our houses have been Grohe and it is an excellent make – jut make sure to delimescale regularly if you are in a hard water area. Gem an design is super sleek

  2. Treena Jinnah March 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    Your design taste is so gorgeous and far superior to mine. One thing to think about is a half size mirror on the wall running parallel to the bath – not glass but they
    Make non breakable mirrors. We never had one but every
    Time the boys were at friends with a mirrored bath I wish I had!

  3. Treena Jinnah March 4, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    Your design taste is so gorgeous and far superior to mine. One thing to think about is a half size mirror on the wall running parallel to the bath – not glass but they
    Make non breakable mirrors. We never had one but every
    Time the boys were at friends with a mirrored bath I wish I had!………and it doubles the size of the room

  4. MamaB May 12, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    Bonjour to the Howe family! I just found your blog today and loving it. I too am a Brit, renovating an old 70’s built stone villa in the south of france. I know what you are going through especially with two little ones. Isn’t it fantastic though when you get a job done and you see how amazing the transformation is? I am really happy to say all our bathrooms are done, it was a nightmare at the time and our plumber who spoke no English was terrible arrogant and inept. My regret is that I didn’t fire him but its not easy with contractors is it? Check out our bathroom
    Look forward to following you. MamaBx

    • Samantha May 15, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

      Thanks for dropping by Mama B!I love your renovation too as I am a total francophile and dream of taking the kids to france for long summers!Maybe one day we will do renovation part 2 and do something along the lines you are doing 🙂

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