Week 5 Round Up: Rain, Electrics and Plumbing

21 Feb

We finished the framing out the 2nd floor this week.   There was some last-minute changes / dimension confirmation needed to the framing as we changed the bath size in the family bathroom which in turn meant that one of the bedroom the closet could be an extra 5 inches wider. Again I was amazed how making one decision  about a bath could affect another totally different room – this whole remodel is like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle.

We’ve had a terrible week of bad weather with near constant rain and the temperature has dropped considerably (almost to freezing!!) so there has been some worries about keeping this new wooden structures dry given the age of the roof and the ever increasing holes in it. But yet again (amazingly) the roof hasn’t leaked. After 40 years in place and with limited maintenance the wood shingle roof is still doing its job…  but I have to say it will be a big relief when we can get the new roof on in April ish – when the rain stops for a while!!

Keeping the large amount of supplies we have on site dry has also been an issue  this week and we are fast running out of space. There’s one area under the current old deck that is dry and its full to the brim of the insulation and lumber.  This is also our way out into the garden so for the time being we are using the front door!

The pool house is full of plywood and the garage is full of our belongings most of which are still in boxes! When we enter into the next phase of development which is the garage and the new laundry area we have to empty garage so finding a dry space for all our life’s possessions will be a challenge as we are at max capacity already. We want to avoid paying storage fees as its so expensive. So I think there will be some creative thinking required… watch this space!

The final thing to happen this week was the electrical first fix and some additional plumbing in the family bathroom. The plumbing was finished off by David which was great – and we had to make some decisions on bath position and sink position up front and these cannot be changed now. Its hard making these choices when you don’t even have solid walls up yet – it all feels a bit abstract. We also had a minor panic moment when one of the pipes was leaking out water. We thought it meant the entire system was backing up into these pipes that weren’t active yet, but it turned out to be condensation !

The electrical work was completed by a great Irish guy called Gary. I’m glad that Jon decided against tackling this all by himself as handling electricity was one thing I wasn’t happy about DIY-ing!!  Gary wired three bedrooms and a bathroom which included wiring 21 low voltage cans in one day which was impressive.  We went with 4″, recessed low voltage lights with trims that allow the light to rotate.

Now that the electric first fix is done we can now get the new insulation in and the drywall crew booked…  (this is another job we wont tackle ourselves as it would take forever!). Hopefully we will get the crew here back-end of the week and we think the should get done in two days or so.  We did consider going for the recycled cotton insulation that’s made out of old jeans – its has fantastic thermal qualities and is clean and easy to install however, budget drove our decision to go fiberglass insulation this time.  We will have to make up our eco points elsewhere.

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