Updated House Schematics

24 Feb

With the decision to increase the extension in the dining & family areas we had to come up with some new schematics. Tom Mcelroy , our Architect,  whipped these up for us in no time and I’m liking how they look!!!  All the grey shaded areas are the new additions we are making to the existing house.

This is the upstairs changes to the master bathroom and the roof deck addition. We’ve had to move the sink position to make way for the door to the roof deck but I actually like this position better, it feels more streamlined and gives more space to enter into the shower.

And the elevation and rear changes (adding the extra double slider door and the door out onto the roof deck) to the house with the extension and the roof deck from another angle:

And finally the increased space downstairs with the double slider action, this will make these rooms super functional and a lot more livable which is great:

Overall this will increase the house to about 2,500 sq ft ish, which still isn’t the biggest house around, but hopefully it will feel a lot more spacious especially with the outdoors being so accessible.

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