Spa Inspiration

25 Feb

I recently convinced Jon to whisk me away for a pre-second-child romantic weekend to a fabulous wine country Calistoga spa hotel so that we could rest and relax before we entered into all the (good!) craziness that is this year.

The obvious benefit was some rare alone time together and blissful relaxation of course but there was an added bonus I hadn’t thought about – Jon was so completely inspired by the decor, landscaping and the spa environment that he wants to adopt some of these elements into our remodel. Until then he’s not been super hot on the idea (and cost) of renovating the pool area but a relaxing soak in the amazing 80 degree pool on a winter’s day followed by a quick steam in the cabana steam room has totally transformed his way of thinking!

Here’s some snapshots of the Solage Calistoga hotel – its beautifully decorated in warm earthy tones and the landscaping was just awesome:

The gorgeous Bathhouse where the Spa is. How great is that fire pit??  Totally not kid friendly of course!!

The on site Michelin starred restaurant, Solbar – amazing food and I was loving the rows of lavender leading up towards the entrance and the water features that made the most amazing sound. Jon was eyeing up the metal roof as its exactly like the one we will have!

The lighting at night was incredible and it really made the place come to life. We haven’t even thought about how to light up the outside of the house and garden – that will come later, but this made us realize that getting it right is so important and it makes such a difference. We might need professional help on this front!

Finally the pool area – which was just amazing.

We were loving the cabana’s and the hot tubs which were placed slightly off to the side.

If we make the most of our own pool environment then we will get a lot more use out of it than we currently do and for a  longer period in the year which will offset some of the running costs. It will require ripping up a ton of concrete in the area, and I’m not sure its something we can DIY  but I totally think it will be worth it and it should add a little value to the house in the long run.

All this will have to come post-house remodel (as in 2012) of course as getting the main house done is our first financial priority but I hope to be relaxing in my own spa like environment soon enough!

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