Week 6 Roundup: More Rain, A New Addition, Insulation and Drywall

27 Feb

If we thought the rain was bad last week – well this week we had the mother of all rain storms that sounded like it was going to take the house away and it kept us up most of the night. It also sent the feral cats that are still knocking around (only 2 and they are both spayed now) into a frenzy and we could hear them howling outside.  Having survived that we turned on the news the next morning to see that potentially there was going to be a snow storm right here in the Bay Area! There hasn’t been snow here since 1976 so this was a major deal. In the end however the snow drama was much over hyped and we had a cold and crisp but sunny Saturday!

The house has met these challenges well so far with minimal damage but given we are getting more and more exposed as we proceed the work forward and into the garage /laundry area we need more protected storage space.  So Jon and his dad built a temporary solution, they plastic sheeted in the 2 deck areas,  the lower and upper ones…I’m not sure what to call it – the new  addition? the conservatory?

Take a look and decide for yourself….

And here’s what the outside of the house looks like now (the back)

The use of the old door from the upstairs deck entry in this new dry space was pretty genius. And yes that is a plank we are now having to walk over to access the footpath at the back of the house – well come on, it’s not really a remodel till you have to walk a plank to get in somewhere is it??

So into this space went all our boxes and life’s possessions. Jon and David moved everything from the garage into the dry space..again! We keep moving house and haven’t yet unpacked – just inside the same house!!!.

I’ve kept a few more “delicate” things back in the house but as previously mentioned we are about reaching capacity for storage space inside the house so this was critical. And it makes the house look worse than it actually is, or maybe I’ve just been living like this for too long!

I always knew that renovating was a process and that things would get worse before they got better but this week I can really see a difference upstairs which is giving me hope, esp as downstairs is starting to unravel now! This week the insulation was fitted into the walls upstairs and the drywaller’s came and started to put the drywall into the master bedroom and the cement board into the family bathroom. The last bits of plumbing were also put in so that we can proceed and get cabinetry and sink/baths etc ordered. As previously mentioned we decided not to tackle the drywall ourselves as it’s quite a laborious task that you can easily get wrong, and the guys who came in were so fast it was well worth the investment to keep the project ticking along.

The master bedroom with insulation and part drywall on the ceiling.

Benito (our drywall hero) finishing off the Master bedroom – tho the joints still need skimming and sanding and the floors need cleaning up as there’s so much dust we are worried about the floor installation going smoothly and adhering to the sub-floor!

The family bathroom with cement board. The black hole is the window placement and until we are ready to put these in (lower roof work  has to happen and bays need to be built first) we have just boarded them over. We are still fiddling with some of the sizes for the windows as now with the extension being even bigger on the back we need to  consider this too.

From the front of the house you’d never know all this work was going on, things still look the same as they did 6 months ago when we bought the house! Well except for a big trench now cutting through my front garden – this is so we can upgrade the water line from the meter to the house thus increasing the flow  as it’s currently pretty pathetic and if someone tries to fill the kettle whilst another is in the shower then all hell breaks loose!

And that was week 6 – quite a busy week  for the money pit but I fear the worse is still to come!!

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