The View from Our Windows

1 Mar

One of the major reasons we were drawn to this house is the amazing views we have over the SF Bay. We can see all over to Tiburon & Belvedere, the Bay and have incredible views of the city (the GG bridge is just out of reach unfortunately!). From the top of the garden (as the land is on 3 levels) you can see clearly across the tops of the trees, however from the house  there’s the issue of some neighbor’s trees currently blocking the way. Legally we can ask that they trim them down so this is absolutely on our list of things to do – tho we might wait till we have big beautiful windows to look out of!

In the meantime here’s a view taster:

Yes that is San Francisco hidden behind those tall poplar trees. We need a good 6-8 feet chopping off them to clear up the view! It will be well worth it tho to have clear views – views add an incredible amount of value to a home and its the one thing you cant remodel!

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