Week 7 Roundup (Part One): A Kitchen Semi-Remodel, Drywall, A New Ceiling And Open Stairs!

4 Mar

Due to the sheer amount of crazy changes this week I’m breaking this post into 2 parts!


This week we tackled sealing off and changing the kitchen, the drywall was finished , the false ceiling in the dining room was ripped out then the wall in the dining room was knocked down to make the whole staircase open to this room.  Phew,  talk about a busy week.

First up the kitchen. This was unexpected work to say the least.  I came home from a relaxing yoga class to be surprised with this image of Jon destroying the kitchen Island. And there went my stress relief!

Now our kitchen was by no means nice – we were living with the old kitchen left in the house but I was content that at least it would be  fully working till we  completely ripped it out and replaced it with a new one. What I didn’t expect was to lose half the kitchen so soon and have the working sink ripped out and replaced by the even older one from the laundry!! Here’s David pulling out the Laundry sink and refitting it into the kitchen…

It turns out that we needed to seal off the kitchen so that the wooden ceiling in the dining area could be ripped out as it was old and several inches lower than the actual real ceiling level should be! In order to do this the kitchen had to be essentially chopped in half and so Jon and David devised a galley kitchen that we would now be living with till September. We had 1 day without water and gas as this work went on which was rather painful but not nearly as painful as being completely without a kitchen for any longer!

Here’s the big reveal of our semi-kitchen remodel.

Complete with custom fitted countertops and new flooring to cover up the old rotted wood underneath  – I kid you not! We also had to move the washer & dryer and there was talk of us living without them but I think Jon knew that it would cause a mutiny so they were cleverly plumbed in and all extra bits of piping needed were procured.

And here’s the other side of the “galley”..

It does feel a little weird living with a big Dexter serial killer style plastic sheet in your home but hey, that’s the realities of remodeling right??!

In part two: the drywall gets finished, the Garage gets a makeover and we lose the wall in the dining room!

2 Responses to “Week 7 Roundup (Part One): A Kitchen Semi-Remodel, Drywall, A New Ceiling And Open Stairs!”

  1. Treena Jinnah March 4, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    Samantha – you are American now so please in your twitter comments use the correct colloquialism – FAUCET!!!

  2. Fiona March 7, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Oh my word sweetie …. hats off to you ….you can live outside for the summer…. it will be GORGEOUS when you’re finished x

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