Modern Glass Globe Chandeliers

8 Mar

Ever since I came across this image  on Houzz ….

Sugar Bowl Residence – modern – staircase – – by John Maniscalco Architecture.

I’ve been dreaming about having a beautiful modern glass globe chandelier for our stairwell. However having done some research I believe that the chandelier in question is by Bocci and costs about $5740!!

As beautiful as it is I just don’t see myself convincing Jon that this is a necessity in the house! Not with two young boys tearing around and I could see them swinging the balls for fun!

So its time to find a cheaper but similar style option… And fortunately I found a great post on Remodelista with just these options laid out for me…..

There’s this one from CB2 – it hangs more horizontally than vertically which might make it more perfect for over the dining table but I still like it:

Or there’s this option from West Elm which if we bought a couple of them and staggered them could achieve a Bocci effect!

I’m just not sure how long the cords are on the lamps tho as we have quite a height  in the stairwell to fill. Then if we were feeling a bit more spendy there’s this one from ABC Home Carpet – not quite as pricey as the Bocci but has a similar effect:

This is a gorgeous light, it also comes in black glass globes which could be quite stunning and I could see it working really well in our space. I just have to find a way to convince Jon that it’s still worth the investment!!

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