Modern Grey Sectionals

12 Mar

When we finally get around to building the family room extension we will be able to fit in  a sectional size sofa. I’m super excited about this as previously we’ve been living with a gorgeous but small 2 seater brown leather sofa that we brought over with us from England 5 years ago. It’s a great sofa that we purchased from Heal’s (one of my fave UK stores)  and it will live on in the formal living room after getting a good clean, but it’s definitely time to get something that can accommodate a whole family lounging around!

I had a few mandatory requirements before I started my search 1) it had to come in a Grey – either charcoal or mid grey so you can’t see sticky paw prints! 2) the fabric had to be somewhat stain proof 3) I wanted fewer pieces rather than more as a sectional with too many pieces will fall apart when little kids jump on them (which WILL happen!).

Previously,  before our decision to go the extra 4 ft wide in the family room we were really struggling to find a sectional that would fit in the space and give us enough room to walk past the sofa. There was one that we kind of liked from CB2 and their awesome styling of this room helps too but it does come in lots of little pieces which could be an issue, and now that we have the bigger space it’s not really the biggest sofa for a full family.

And there’s this one from Room and Board which is super comfy but has a little more traditional styling than we were really looking for and as with all things from Room and Board there’s quite the hefty price tag attached!

The favorite at the moment  is the Domino from Crate and Barrel.

It comes in a number of configurations so we can make it work in our space but it’s not in many pieces. Its super comfy and is reasonably affordable (especially when you can get gift cards from Amex points for C&B). We can also get it in the color and fabric we want. I don’t love the legs on it but they match the other furniture we have in the house which works.

I’ve struggled a bit with where else to look for a modern sectional  other than Ikea which just wont hold up to the bashing 2 boys will give it. So if anyone has any ides then let us know! It will be a while before we purchase this piece as the room isn’t even built yet but I am gathering pricing now etc so we can work out a furniture budget for the house.

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