Week 8 Roundup: New Doors, Furnace work and Primed walls

13 Mar

The dry wallers finished up this week by priming all the rooms ready for painting. They used a spray gun paint method which has applied a smooth finish to the walls – it’s so good that we are going to keep it like this for a while until we make paint decisions.

Here’s a view from the master bedroom looking out into the hallway:

We were debating painting the rooms before the flooring, skirting board, door trims etc goes in but I don’t feel ready to commit to colors until I know what the finished room looks like with the new windows in etc – the light you have in a room can make such an impact on the paint color that I can see us painting it and not being happy and starting again which I really want to avoid!

Here’s the little helper hanging out in what will be the baby’s room once its finished. He loves coming  into this space and checking out his bedroom and all the others – it’s a great way to keep him feeling involved in the project. The upstairs rooms are looking  so close to being finished now – of course there’s all the little details, trims etc and the not so little details of the new windows and roof to go in yet! But it’s really nice to see  the house looking so “new”  upstairs.

The upstairs internal doors also arrived this week from Hudson Street Design in Healdsburg.  We were nervous about this as we picked a door without really seeing it in context but we couldn’t be happier. The style we chose is Ovation, in 7ft 6 height and they are flat panel doors with no sticking.

They look modern and as good as we thought they would despite them only being primed and not painted yet! We have to still select hardware for the doors.

Here’s the thinner bathroom cupboard version too:

Installing them however was a whole other issue. Talk about a pain to deal with! The doors came pre-hung on the frames – so then we had to get the frame lined up with the doorway opening. It turned out that we’d mis-calculated the width of our new walls as we didn’t know at the time of ordering he doors that we would be using a thicker kind of drywall! So there’s some overhang of drywall that we need to account for.

If you have these however:

It makes the installation process super easy and you don’t have to deal with these crazy spacer type things that we created that didn’t really work.

However, our quick door hanger hardware arrived the day after we installed the doors so we will be re-doing this whole job again from scratch to get it all perfectly aligned.  There’s a lesson in here somewhere about planning and making sure you have the right tools for a job at the get go!

Last week I mentioned that we ripped out the dining room wall to open up the stairwell. This week we proceeded to continue to do repairs on the stairs to get them to the width we wanted and the right height. The stairs were actually in great shape and we don’t have to replace the framework for them which was a blessing. We just need to add in a step at the top  and maybe one at the bottom to raise the height of the mid level landing. We did take out all the existing treads and risers as the wood was old and stinking, literally! We have ordered in some solid oak ones that we will replace them with once they arrive.

The insulation you can see in the picture is old stuff that will come out – however there’s a whole host of plumbing craziness built into this wall (which is also coming down) that we need to deal with next.

Finally there was the issue of the giant furnace to deal with, why these things are built quite so big I don’t understand. In England we don’t have the forced air type of heating so this is a whole new concept to us and we have debated getting rid of it completely but the cost would be just to great at this stage to refit the downstairs for underfloor heating. We had to pull out the bits we didn’t need from the furnace – all the upstairs tubing, and seal it off, move it over to the side a bit and then get it back up and running.

Jon and his dad worked all weekend in this little space, separating and refitting the furnace in its new position. Sadly it’s not looking much smaller than it did before but hey ho. We did end up living without heating for a 24 hour period which wasn’t much fun but bearable, but then they got it working again, a sheer miracle considering both of them have zero experience with this kind of system! There is a slight sawdust aroma that comes out of the ducts at the moment  and we think that’s due to the air in the garage (where its being extracted from) being so “woody” right now as that’s where all our supplies are being stored. I’m hoping this clears up soon.

On deck for week 9 is door refitting, finish off the stairs, finish all framing and the floor joists for the extension above the garage. We are also hoping that the bathroom fittings arrive on site this week too.

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