Garden Clean Up Continues..

14 Mar

With all the focus on the house it’d be easy to think we’ve just abandoned the garden, and well to be honest we had a bit. Not being green fingered at all meant that Jon and I have had to rely on the expertise and free time of our landscapers Pablo and his crew but all our financial resource has really had to be focused on the house for now. However with the arrival of Jon’s mum, Carol,  a few weeks ago – a very keen gardener – we are now benefiting from her knowledge too!

We had a couple of days of nice weather finally in March so she (pardon the pun) planted herself in the garden and got cracking clearing out a lot of the weeds and turning the soil on one section close to the house. I came home from work to a beautiful bit of garden that is primed ready for planting some great plants into it.

Seeing even just this section of garden clear of weeds & debris and general garden crap that has accumulated over the years of it being neglected is amazing. It looks so good and its nice to be able to  really visualize the land and what we could put in it and where. We already know that we want easy to maintain plants (read minimal watering too!) that are mostly native to Northern California in here.

The other simple change  that she made  was to clear out, fertilize and reshape the two bushes that sit at the front of the house. I love these 2 bushes and want to try to maintain them when we get started with the external renovations in April as they add that bit of 50’s suburbia feel to what will be a modern looking house. There’s something very Edward Scissorhands about them!

We think they are some kind of a dwarf conifer but we aren’t really sure and are struggling to find out. So if you know please leave us a comment and let us know! They were wildly overgrown and brown with neglect so it’s really wonderful to see them looking so green and beautifully shaped after all this time!

Her next target will be the front garden – which is currently sporting a big trench in it waiting for the water line upgrade to happen. Once that has been done (hopefully soon) then she can go to town on it which will make even the current shabby old house look a lot better!

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