Family Bath Tile Choices

16 Mar

The family bathroom is ready for us to start choosing tiles for it now. We’ve ordered in all the fixtures and fittings but once they arrive installation will happen fairly quickly so we need to make a fast choice on the tiles too.

I’m toying with a blue/green glass tile for the shower alcove, and a dark slate grey for the floor with white grout.  I thought this would be a really fun color scheme and would pop with the addition of some red accents – which also happens to be my sons favorite color!

Think these kind of tiles:

Image taken from Houzz.

With these kind of accents..this color scheme isn’t far off what I’m thinking:

Images by Gast Architects

It’s so fresh and bright and grown up and child like all at the same time. Plus the bright colors will make a small-ish bathroom feel more spacious and will make my eldest son super happy!

Now I just need to find a tile like this to give us this vivid pop of color and shine – the glass tiles I’ve gotten in as samples so far aren’t cutting it on the color front. So the hunt continues!

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