A “Real” Marin Realtor

17 Mar

You may not know this but we searched for well over a year for our house before finding it and taking the plunge. During this time we met lots of different realtors but made a decision to not stick with any one person till we a) felt ready to really buy (and had the finances in place) and b) till we found someone we really liked who would give us good honest no bullsh*t advice.

Realtors & the real estate market was a new thing to us having never bought a home in the USA and so we wanted to take some time to figure out how the system worked and the best way to be a part of it that felt right to us. We had a few experiences where we were scared off by overly aggressive sales folks trying to push a house onto us that we knew wasn’t right or worth the money! And then there was the not even getting a look in on some great properties because they had all “sold” before even hitting the market. We just didn’t know how to get into this game and not come out bitter and twisted and broke at the end!!

On paper we weren’t an “attractive” couple to want to work with in terms of our minimal budget for the area and our flexibility….we knew what we wanted, where we wanted it and that it was a really impossible task!!! So some realtors weren’t even interested in representing us.

And then I met Liz – she reached out to me via my mothers group to offer up some advice about a home we were thinking about but had some doubts (it was on a main road). She came and assessed the place for us  for free and gave us her honest opinion on the home but said if it’s what you want then you should do what you feel is right for your family. Well ultimately we decided that this particular home wasn’t right but that Liz was for us and she became our agent.

She did a stellar job, negotiating and securing our house which was in hot demand (amazingly, despite the state of it!). It came on the market at 11pm on a Friday night and I emailed Liz there and then and she got back to me immediately! We viewed it on the Sunday and by the Monday at 9am we put our offer in along with 3 others. Our bid was accepted, the house was ours and we were beyond happy and well, the rest as you know is history!

One thing we learned about Liz thru working with her was about her amazing passion for raising awareness about Micro Preemies and the struggles that these parents and babies deal with on a daily basis. Her twin daughters were born early at 26 weeks and sadly one of them, Corinne, passed 4 hours later. Her other daughter Kaitlyn is now a thriving 5 yr old but still faces a ton of challenges everyday. Her story was recently told in the local Marin newspaper and its a real testament to Liz and the work she has done to offer support to other parents and raise awareness of micro preemies that she now has over 700 members worldwide.

You can read more about her incredible story here and if you are interested in speaking to Liz about property in Marin then we can wholeheartedly recommend her. Her contact info is here.

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