Ikea Date Night!

21 Mar

You know things are bad when you start having date nights out with your significant other at Ikea, and even choose to eat there afterwards because of the “eat for free” promotion!!  We seriously need to get out more AND stop talking about remodeling so much but it was in fact a very successful trip!

We went to get a bathroom cabinet  (in the Godmorgon range) and came back with 2 cabinets and 2 matching white porcelain sinks. We quickly realized that the cabinets are specifically made for the sinks they also sell so you can’t have one without the other – isn’t that the way with all Ikea stuff? But it was surprisingly good quality and its got the exact look and finish we were about to pay 4 times as much for. So we figured what the hell and went for it, saving money where we can right now is critical!

The cabinet is awesome, we are going to have it floating and it means we can put it at a great height for little ones in the family bathroom. Having the sink run right to the edges has also saved us about $700 in countertop for this cabinet which is a bit of relief!

I do have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.  I love how cheap and affordable and how well designed some stuff is, I hate it because I  really don’t want to overfill my house with Ikea stuff and it seems an impossible thing to avoid sometimes. However they are really stepping things up design wise and I saw some other awesome bits that I completely have my eye on for the house….

I got these awesome red towels for the kids bathroom to add a nice pop of color.

And then I saw this giant serving tray which will be great on an ottoman  instead of us getting a coffee table. I like the idea of having a big velvet ottoman in a bright color and this will look great on top of  that imaginary piece!

There was a couple of other cute trays that I got too – you can never have too many trays for serving things!

We didn’t pick this black & white Cowhide up at the time but it’s definitely on the hit list  (especially now that they reduced the price!) – I can see it in the study or the formal lounge.

And they had some amazing blue/green glass bottles & vase’s  (again I didn’t get them just yet, really where would I put them??) that are fantastic decoration pieces.

Love it or hate it Ikea has something for everyone and is usually pretty well priced!

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