Week 9 Roundup: Hanging doors, Moveable pipe and Wooden floors.

22 Mar

We started off the week by repeating some work from last week, Re-hanging the doors! this job took no time. Once they were up and all aligned we could clearly see where we needed to add in some extra wood into the door jam.

Here’s the infamous door hanging hardware in action.  There’s still a lot of fiddly bits to do with the doors  (trim, in fill and painting of course) but at least they are up and hanging straight now!

On Tuesday, David set to re-laying about 30 ft of copper pipe that was now exposed given we have moved a ton of walls around! It seems like there are miles and miles of small water pipes under the house that are all too small for the water pressure and the size of the house so we need to pull them all out and replace them with more substantial ones. However this means someone has to work in the crawl space for a good few hours. Take a look here at the work environment:

Not the best job to have to do!

Whilst that was going on we had Felix, the flooring guy , in laying the wooden floor upstairs. It looks fantastic and we’ve not even finished it all yet as we can’t finish the work in one of the front bedrooms till we complete the extension up there.

We will stain the flooring too but after all the other work is done. He did some samples for us to try to figure out which color we want to go for and we are thinking fairly dark.

Maybe even darker than the darkest sample above. I’d like a walnut kind of finish but it is nice being able to still see the grain in the wood.

Jon and his dad then built some home made scaffolding which will allow them to finish off the ceiling joists and get the drywall done in the stairwell shaft. Its hard to tell but this is the scaffolding  built out of leftover timber…

And here’s the view from underneath the scaffolding. You cant see it but there is a lack of bottom stairs at the moment. They are currently getting rebuilt to fall in line perfectly with the new floor and to create a new halfway landing/stair return.

Once again tho its been a week of near constant rain which isn’t great when you are trying to get things done. It makes working very hard and there’s the constant pressure of the old roof and at what point will it give in. Well the answer was this weekend! We had a mother of a storm and one of the furnace pipe’s that were still hanging out in the roof (albeit attached to nothing) finally came off and left us with a big hole. So as I type this Jon is up on the wet slippery wooden roof  trying not to break his neck and frantically repairing the holes before the next storm arrives!

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