Week 10 Roundup: New Laundry, A Finished Ceiling And Lights At Night.

28 Mar

First of all I am stunned that we are only at week 10 of our renovations…in many ways I feel like we’ve been living this life for much longer as I suppose we’ve been talking about it since buying the house in Aug! But on the other hand it’s also amazing to think about how much we have accomplished in really such a short period of time.

This week we tackled the laundry area/garage. Now that the framing and moving of furnace was done we could start building out this area and even installing the plumbing for the downstairs powder room. This is a view from the back of the house looking into this area.

We also had to build up the floor in here to be in line with the house, although this did make it a bit of a squeeze in some areas as we haven’t been able to raise the roof yet. That wont happen till  the time comes to strip off the old roof and replace it with the new one. Pulling out the old floor in here had given us a last surprise, we decided to clear out underneath the water heater and there we found the mother of all former rodents nests . It was ginormous and had lots of interesting things woven into it – old socks, postcards, plastic bags – you name it and they were hoarding it! So now for sure we can officially 100% say we are rodent nest free!

Lots of bleach and fumigation later and the floor was finished which meant that the dry wallers could come in and finished off the job leaving it looking more like this, this is the  downstairs little powder room :

The fittings arrived this week for this toilet – the actual loo and the cabinet & sink so we can start to get those in place this week. Then the doors will go on and we might have more than 1 working toilet in the entire house for the first time in months!

Once we finished up in the laundry , the dry wallers moved onto the  stairwell ceiling which had all been framed out and insulated ready to go  and  Gary, our electrician, was able to wire in the electrics for our hanging chandelier (when we decide what we are having!). All of this was made easy thanks to the special platform scaffolding built by Jon and his dad!

You wouldn’t know that there was at least 10 foot drop underneath these planks of wood! We can now dismantle this and move onto finishing up the stairs which are hiding underneath it.

We also had the final bits of electrics in the finished rooms upstairs put in – it was amazing to see light up here in the dark and to not have to wander round the building site torch in hand – which is particularly perilous when you are 8 months pregnant!

Jon enjoying the lights. And being able to work even more hours late at night on the house !

And a very exciting closeup of our light switches. I’m actually a little bit in love with these because they all have mini built-in dimmer switches which will be amazing when there’s little ones going to sleep in their respective bedrooms! No more lamps on the floor to create that dim light effect!

Finally the family bath fixtures arrived this week, and we ordered the porcelain floor tiles from Ceramic Tile Design in San Rafael. These guys were great and they cut us an amazing deal on the floor tiles.  They should be in any day now which means they can go down and the bath stuff can get fitted. We didn’t realize but we ordered a cast iron bath, we came home from a meal out to find it delivered and dumped in the front garden and it was impossible to move, so it stayed put for a couple of very rainy days. Many struggles and 4 men later we managed to get it upstairs on the back deck via some crazy pulley system.

The next step will be to somehow get it into position in the family bathroom. I’ve no idea how this will happen but hey ho – one thing at a time!

If you look at where we started to where we are now its amazing – although to the outside world the house doesn’t look any different. It’s no wonder our neighbors keep asking when are we going to start the renovations!! We still have a long way to go before we can move in upstairs, and realistically only about 6-7 weeks left till the 4th member of our family arrives so there is quite a bit of pressure to get even more done than usual.

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