Great Pieces from West Elm.

30 Mar

Clearly I am spending a lot of my spare time nowadays looking at furniture, obsessively pouring over magazines and catalogues trying to find the right pieces for our home. Jon and I have very similar aesthetics but I definitely have more of a luxurious  eye  whereas he is more clean and modern. I like things that are very tactile, soft to the touch or can make a statement on their own.

I’ve always enjoyed looking through the West Elm catalogues and their stores but have yet to splurge on any of their products. What I think they do really well is those luxurious looking accessories but all for a really affordable prices. Here’s some of their pieces I have my eye on….

Parsons Mirror Console | west elm. This would look great in our new entryway. As we aren’t going to have an actual entry room we will need a place where we can dump car keys and mail etc and this would do that job very stylishly! I’m trying not to think about the effects of little handprints on the mirrored surfaces – you cant be practical all the time right!

Industrial Stool | west elm.  This bar stool is great – we want 2 vintage style bar stools for in the kitchen to sit at the island and I’ve been looking at all kinds of different ones. I love the raw industrial look of these.

Safari Rug | west elm.  This is a great rug for adding a bit of pattern and texture to a room but without  having to go with the full on bold black & white zebra stripe effect. This would have been a great alternative in the baby’s room in fact.

West Elm also used to do this amazing sheepskin pouf that I’ve been eyeing up for months and I was devastated to find they’ve stopped making them now! I learned my lesson there – should have bought it when I had the chance. Don’t wait to buy if you find something you love!

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