Week 11 Roundup: A Bath, Some Plumbing and Stairs

6 Apr

I realized today that I am getting later and later posting these weekly roundups. I think it’s the culmination of work, stress, baby and toddler management along with the remodel is all crashing into not having an inch of time free to even write a simple post!! It’s also getting harder and harder to keep on top of the work we are doing as it’s all moving so quickly fueled by the imminent arrival of the little man in about 4-6 weeks!

I think I noted last week that the bath had arrived and its a Kohler cast iron one  called “Bellwether” that took 4 men and a pulley system to get it upstairs and into the house. Well I’m happy to say it is finally in its rightful place – tho not without some effort! We had to pull up the floor in the bathroom (again) and reinforce it given the weight of the bath in certain spots. Once that was done Jon and his dad somehow wrestled it into place and David could start on the plumbing fixtures for it – the pipes were already in the wall but its the adding in the shower and tub spouts that needed to be done.

Here he is in action:

We had to go for a 5″5 bath in the end to fit into the space rather than a 6 foot one, which was a shame but it gave us a bigger closet in the adjoining bedroom and we struggled to find a design of a bath that we liked in the 6 ft range.

David is now fitting our Hans Grohe tub spout and shower but we think we will actually need a longer tub spout than previously thought as the bath has quite thick rims and we only got a 6 inch spout so its back to the drawing board to find a matching longer spout. .

The stairs started to take shape this week starting with a little half landing piece we needed to build. The handrail will run across the top of this and into the wall giving it a seamless look. we decided to build this as a solid wall rather than as rail as we didn’t want little boys being able to climb over this section of the stairs. It’s quite a drop from here down!

With this return built we could carry on rebuilding the staircase.  Access to the house has been ok so far as we’ve got the outside (very rotten!) staircase that will eventually come down once all work is complete. The lower stairs were getting totally rebuilt as the middle landing was moving up a bit so we have had to re-build the lower stairs which is a complete pain to get them right and all the same depth.

Last but not least there was a huge beam to pull down in between the kitchen and dining area. We want this to feel like one big open room so getting rid of this beam and replacing it with something a) stronger and b) more subtle was critical. Jon and his dad built this temp structure that is currently holding up this part of the house!

Once this new steel beam is in then we can finish up the electrical wiring in the dining area and get the ceiling all dry walled in. The big benefit of doing this is that we can take down the plastic sheet protecting the rest of the house from dust & building site work and open up the kitchen again!

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