Final Bath Tile Selection

9 Apr

This hunt for the perfect blue bath tile for the family bath has taken far too long in my opinion!! I was trying to get the exact blue glass tile that you can see in this shot taken from Houzz:

But  so far my hunt has been unsuccessful and now I’m in danger of delaying the job if I don’t commit to a color  and a tile soon! So here’s my sample selections, I think we’ve finally chose one from this lot….

The top left bright blue glass tile was our first choice  and its made by Villi and is called Blue Sky. However they only have a certain amount of it in stock and we can’t afford to wait 8-10 weeks to get the rest of it (note to self for future bathrooms – pick your tile out early!!).  So we headed over to Daltile this afternoon for a last chance look around and they have a glass tile called Blue Lagoon which fits the bill perfectly. It’s not any cheaper than the Villi tile but it is readily available and its a slightly lighter blue than the Villi Blue Sky one.

It shines a brilliant blue when the light hits it , is actually much lighter than the  color you can see in the above picture and it reflects light beautifully.  Given we will be placing these next to a large window they should get a lot of light.  It should also work great with the red accent pieces I’ve already bought and the oak finish vanity that we purchased.  We are going to order it in a 3×6 subway  tile and then offset them. It’s not a cheap tile but we are hoping that we don’t need that much of it  for the shower/bath alcove.

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