Week 12 Roundup: More stairs, a large steel beam and we lose another wall.

11 Apr

Progress has felt slow this week and that mostly because the work that has been going on is super fiddley and takes forever. Who knew that putting in a staircase was sooo painful. I think we must have measured and re-measured at least 3 times the correct angles etc to get everything lined up! The stairs are looking a lot more finished this week but again they are still not 100% done.

There’s a few wonky treads to deal with, the half landing boards and of course there’s the handrail to go in yet – we havent even started on that tho it has been ordered and is being custom-built for us. Plus there’s a bit more wall to come down and drywall to go in.

However they are close to being functional which will open up another floor to use to use from inside the house. Constantly going outside the house to just get upstairs hasn’t been the greatest thing in the world!

The next big job this week was taking this giant steel beam:

And putting it in the wall in between the kitchen and the dining room. This sounds easy but it weighs a ton and needs at least 4 men to lift it!

This work has of course meant that now the kitchen is off-limits at least for a day, and the water will be turned off.  So our living space is getting more and more squeezed  as things progress – I swear there will be 4 of us living in a single room at some point soon.

Jack doesn’t seem to mind as long as he can still watch the Backyardigans on TV!

There was previously in this space between the kitchen & dining room the thickest wooden beam I’ve ever seen. It was genuinely about a foot deep! Whilst we were waiting for this beam to arrive Jon and his dad had built a temp structure to hold up the house basically. But this can finally come down and the theory is that we will have an open space that is structurally sound!

Here’s Jon and Pablo wrestling with the beam, looking a bit nonchalant given the weight of it !

There was a lot of banging and crashing that day and I ended up taking Jack out of the house for safety’s sake! I didn’t know what I’d find when I returned, but, everyone still had fingers & toes and the only sign of damage was a small dink in the wooden floor that will be getting sanded and re-stained anyway  and most importantly the beam was in and it seems to be secure!

Having this beam in has really opened up the room as we removed a small section of wall too (although we still have the dining area sheeted off till all the drywall is done) to make this into one great room.

The beam will get boxed in, there was no way for us to have a smooth ceiling all the way through from kitchen to dining area but we hope that it wont be too noticeable once covered up! Once the additional 4 ft extension is in too it will really be a great space to hang out and dine  and cook in.

Jon also cracked on this week with the laying of the family bathroom floor tile. We are doing a dark slate gray tile with white grouting so the spacing has to be perfect and we decided on a 5mm spacing to really make the white pop.

I think Jon will be tackling this one night this coming week so it will be interesting to see how his first ever attempt to tile a bathroom floor goes!

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