Week 13 Round Up : floor tiling and the dining room ceiling

20 Apr

The family bathroom was steaming on this week with the floor tiling getting installed. Jon decided, after getting a labor only quote of $5500k ( for an 8×10 ft bathroom, I kid you not), that he would tackle it himself! Having never tiled a floor  before this was a bit of a baptism of fire to say the least! The first night it took over 4 hours just to cut & lay the tiles out. Jon started this one night after work which probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do and came down looking bedraggled with thinset all over his hands and face! I’m sure that’s not how its meant to be!!!!

However the second night of work went a lot more smoothly and he was able to get the tiles stuck down and begin grouting after only 3 hours! After one more night of grouting the bathroom was floor was looking great – I super happy with the dark Grey porcelain tile , it will look great with the blue glass when that gets fitted this next week.

Here’s a finished shot of the floor with the bright white grout:

It needs a good clean now to remove any excessive grout but you get the idea!!! Cleaning up after tiling is a messy job – and it was left to David to do it. Well you have to earn those beers somehow hey!

The bath vanity unit was then unpacked and prepped ready to go on the wall.

We want this to appear as tho its floating off the wall however this thing weighs a ton due to the porcelain sink top . We will have to support it secretly and this can’t be done through the wall as it’s not strong enough to hold the unit, so we are thinking a box that you can’t see  that it sits on is the answer here! The construction of this vanity is solid and the drawers have that gentle close feature that I love on kitchen drawers – considering it’s from Ikea it’s very well made so we were super happy!

The stairs got finished this week and boarded in too. David was able to complete the half landing area and I’m excited by how good the stairs look.

They will be stained a darker color – more walnut in finish, and the handrail will have a rough steel look to it with a wooden top stained the same color as the stairs. This staining will be one of the last things we do as everything else needs to be clean and finished by then! There’s also a window to board up and a new larger window to go in this stairwell  which will make it feel very light and open.

With the beam work done last week we were able to get the dining room ceiling area filled in with drywall.

Soon I’ll be able to take down the Dexter-esque plastic sheeting and have use of this space again which will more than double our living area! We contemplated keeping the beam exposed and painting it but to be honest it would be an odd feature so we decided to box it in and keep the ceiling lines as smooth as possible. Then this area will become out-of-bounds again once the 4 ft extension gets underway but I don’t see that happening for a couple of months yet!

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