Wallpaper Love

23 Apr

Ever since I turned mid twenties I’ve been dreaming about having gorgeous wallpaper in my home and now is my chance to really indulge this fantasy! We  have been renting for so long prior to owning this house that I am completely over plain white walls and I want to do something different that you just cannot do when your living space isn’t yours!!

When we lived in London I used to go visit Liberty as it was down the street from my office and browse through their wallpapers, I also love Laura Ashley and Cole & Son so I have had to do some research here to find  similar kinds of retailers. As a big fan of rich and dramatic looking damask prints or bold patterns on one wall I want to find something that is soothing but a bit of a statement at the same time. Although we will have a fairly modern house, I want to have some vintage pieces and some more traditional elements in the house too.  Graham and Brown has a fantastic  website with a ton of patterns and options on it.

Here’s some of my favorites so far, I’m thinking either for the bedroom or one wall in the formal living area:

50-133 Amy Butler Fountain – stone color way Graphite,Grey Damask Wallpaper.

17844 Monsoon Sophia – Black Wallpaper Black Damask Wallpaper.

19908 Barbara Hulanicki Ophelia: Charcoal Wallpaper Gray Floral Wallpaper.

Majestic Gray Damask Wallpaper.

17806 Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Cotswold : Dark Grey & Gold Wallpaper Graphite,Grey Damask Wallpaper.

It seems as tho my natural color scheme has gone quite dark with the paper, this was just the ones I was drawn too! So I might have to do a small feature area or wait till all the windows are in so I can at least see  how the light is going to be in this space.

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