Week 14 Round Up: Two new working bathrooms, door work and a new water main.

1 May

** Apologies that we are really late sending this post out –  we lost the camera charger  somewhere in the remodel and haven’t been able to take pics! I eventually gave up a did these all with my iPhone. ****

This week was all about finishing off as much of the plumbing in the house as possible. Our time for Jon’s dad to be here with us in the USA is fast running out and so he will have to return to the UK taking his plumbing skills with him. So we decided to prioritize as much plumbing work in the next few weeks as possible!

To that end  the bathrooms have come on leaps and bounds and we now have 3 working toilets in the house, amazing!   Jon fitted the cement board around the family bathroom tub ready for tiling this next week and the  glass tiles arrived en mass which was exciting to see.

Our tiler is arriving on Monday to tackle the glass tiles and I’ve made things a little difficult for him as I didn’t want a bullnose but rather tile on the edges so there’s a lot of cutting and polishing to be done! More on that next week.

We also got the vanity fitted in the family bathroom and it looks awesome – as previously mentioned I was worried about the quality of the finish on the Ikea vanity but its great and once installed with the sinks and our Grohe faucets on it doesn’t look cheap at all.

Once the floor was finished and the vanity installed it meant we could get the Toilet installed and operational in the bathroom too. We chose Kohler low flush toilets in a simple design.

Jon also got the powder room floor tiling finished this week which meant that David could get the vanity installed and toilet working! This is our third working toilet now in the house (and we have one in the “pool house” too) so we need never be queueing up in our own home again! here’s the vanity  and Grohe faucet with its “protective” blue plastic coating still on. I don’t think we’ll remove it till all the work is done! We still need to tile the back of this vanity and put a door on this toilet but other than that its working.

One outstanding job that has been on the to do list forever also got done this week, Improving the water main line into the house. Our pressure and flow was appalling into the house and this  change has made a major difference. We went from corroded galvanized steel pipe to schedule 80 PVC 1 inch pipe..all the rage now apparently and of course done to code!

One task we have to do is figure out how to seal up this hole we made in the sidewalk! We are considering rendering the wall out front to make it smooth and finish  it by painting it the same color as the bay windows will be so this might be our answer.

The door jamb extensions and the frames and skirting board also arrived this week so Jon spent most of the weekend cracking on with getting the doors as finished as possible. I think he got 2 done! To say this work is painstaking is an understatement!!! We have 5 more doors to trim out upstairs and at least 5 to do downstairs.

The final task this week was a major job site clean up. With the better weather  arriving we are spending more time outdoors finally and it was time to sort out the mess that had become the job site and our back garden so that it was safe for Jack to play in.The dust has also been escaping into the living area which isn’t great so we had a major clean up to try to eliminate as much of it as possible now that the dry walling is pretty much done for a few weeks at least!

We cleared everything out and  the pool house became a shed (which is really what it looks like!!). Bikes, tools, snowboards finally have a home as the garage was overflowing. It also didn’t help that this week we got a bunch of loaned out baby stuff back ready for the new arrival and nowhere to put it so this spurred Jon onto sort out the “shed” and move some non essentials into there. I was also able to sell my Nurseryworks rocker chair so that I can order in a new Luca glider. Last time with Jack I really regretted not having a good nursing chair and  even tho we bought the Nurseryworks chair after I stopped nursing and it was great for stories I could tell its rocking motion wouldn’t be good for me from a nursing point of view. So now I get to have my orange chair! Yippee!!!

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