Week 15 Roundup: Family Bath Tiling, A Change of Living Layout, Privacy and Door handles!

2 May

** Forgive the wildly varied photography in this week’s post – our camera battery is still AWOL so these are all courtesy of an i-Phone and Instagram!****

Last week was a hard week in terms of the house and the mess we were living in, but this week took the biscuit!

We finally tackled something  I had been dreading and wanting to put off until the upstairs was done as I knew it would create chaos and I wasn’t sure we could handle it right now. The kitchen wall that borders with the living area was moved to create a new opening  on the left hand side instead of the right as it had been previously and we opened up the laundry/powder room area to the kitchen.

The day it happened I came home from work and nearly cried when we saw the mess that had been made – at 36 weeks pregnant it was all a bit too much to take in! There was white drywall dust covering everything and the dining area was filled with tools and there was huge holes in the wall with electrics hanging out of them. This was all in the area we have been trying to keep as sacred, our living area and the last bit of clean useable space in the house!!

Living in a house whilst you remodel it is hard – make no mistake. Your privacy is gone, your space, the ability to function normally and, in my condition, the desire to nest and create a home for the new baby is overwhelming and there’s not a lot I can do about it right now!

However I’m happy to say that the devastation was short-lived. A day later the tools were gone, the walls were smooth again – the electrics were out of reach of a toddler and semi-safe and  the space was clean again thanks to Carol scrubbing every inch of the kitchen & lounge clean. We could even move our dining table back into the  dining area and get some more space back which was  a big relief.

Here’s the laundry/powder room space now ….

It looks really good. There’s a door to the garage now too which is great as I was worried about Jack climbing in there! And yes we have door handles on the doors as well giving some much-needed privacy to the powder room! We got 19 stainless steel handles for the whole house  from here and managed to get a great deal on them.

and the new-ish looking dining area with the still very old kitchen… that wont go till phase two of the remodel

And the new entryway that caused so much mess…

It’s actually no different from the old entryway, just on the other side now!

Whilst all this mess was going on downstairs, the upstairs was slowly progressing along. Our expert tiler came in to do the family bath tiles as we had chosen a subway glass tile and these are notoriously difficult to cut & lay if you don’t really know what you are doing so this was one area we were not going to attempt  to do ourselves. Tiling is super slow, this small area has taken a fair few days but once its up it looks amazing. Here’s a shot of the shower/bath enclosure in progress…

It still needs grouting and the shower attachments fitted but I am totally in love with the look of these tiles – nice and bright and bold for a boys bathroom! It almost has a swimming pool air to it which I kinda like.

And that was it for our house this week. More than enough mess for one week that’s for sure. I’m definitely not looking forward to week 16 as that is roof off week…and my birthday present apparently!

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