Week 16: The roof is off and we decide to paint!

7 May

This was the week I’d been dreading – the start of the roofing work which could only mean one thing, a real mess and a total pain to live in whilst it’s happening. This week also happened to be my last week of work before heading out on maternity leave so stress levels were already high and then I came home to this one night…

Jon had decided that getting a quick coat of paint over the new drywall was a good idea, and of course this was happening at the same time as the extension and new roof getting put on. So chaos was reining outside as well as inside the house!

Benito and his crew were going to spray paint the walls and ceilings  and then the doors and door trims so we had to evacuate the house for a day whilst this was going on. It wasn’t too bad for me as I had work to go to as  a safe haven (it’s not good when work is your restful place !!) but coming home to a house like above certainly wasn’t fun! I’m not kidding when I say the entire house was sheeted off as they were working in all the rooms bar two and the noise from the compressor to help spray the paint was unbearable. So that day was an eating by the pool kind of day and yet again we got takeout!

This is the chaos of our “living” area. The once very expensive leather sofa now has white speckles all over it. Don’t even ask about the Eames chair – I caught Jon removing paint from it this morning. Sigh!

There was a bit of drama over the exact white we were using on the walls and ceiling. We had chosen a pure white for the ceiling and  a softer white for the walls. The walls I wasn’t so bothered about as they will get repainted at some point but the ceilings was a one time thing so we had to get it right. A quick call from Jon to confirm the colors and a check on the internet led to some panic – the white for the ceilings was almost blue on the screen!!  So we stopped Benito in his tracks and sent him home early and pow wowed around the samples on the wall…they were white, and white and white. In fact we couldn’t even tell which was which so he was free to continue. At the end of the day  white is white!

Whilst this was going on we decided, given we have about 2 weeks left till baby arrives, that it was time for Jack to get his own room back again and start sleeping in his own bed! So Carol and David were sequestered upstairs in the new bedrooms and Jack moved into the back bedroom downstairs (this will be his 2nd temporary bedroom before we finally move upstairs!). We timed this with the arrival of his new bunk beds and star wars sheet set to create some excitement around it and were secretly hoping that he would sleep all night in his own new bed.

The beds were easy to put together and were great quality. After much soul-searching we decided to get a bed from amazon of all places – they had a simple white  pine frame bunk bed that can be split into two twins when we need it, and I then ordered the 2 mattresses from Sears who were having a sale and were able to deliver them within a few days. Here’s the mattresses hanging around outside the house as there was nowhere for them to go inside until the bed was built!!

So the whole thing cost us about $800 instead of the $1600 we had been quoted from Pottery Barn Kids!!! The bunk beds are a better solution for us as given the amount of disruptive sleep about to come our way again it means Jon has an instant place to crash if he needs it!! Jack loved the beds and he actually slept in it till 7.45am the next day so it was well worth the effort.

With Jack out of our room it means we can start to semi-prepare for the baby coming. I say semi  prepare as the house is in such disarray we don’t know where anything is. We did find the crib however and Jon was able to build that one night – I just need to figure out where the bed linen for it could be and what else we might need….. like peace & quiet maybe!

FInally onto the biggest thing this week – the roof and the extension. We are lining up the two uneven sides of the house and building out over the laundry/garage area so the framework had to be done before the metal roofing squad arrives on Monday (thankfully they were  on another job that had been delayed). It started off like this …..

and quickly progressed to this…

As we are stripping away all the old wood shingles (40 years old!!) and replacing it with a much greener metal roof there’s a ton of trash to get rid of. Here’s the amount of debris we have gotton through so far from just one roof level and all the  new 4×8 roof plywood that will be going up on top – all 54 sheets of it.  Needless to say Jon is practically now a VIP at the lumbar yard and I can see us getting through a couple more of these Grange boxes before the week is out!

Thankfully the weather gods are on our side as we have another solid week of sunshine  scheduled, probably along with a lot more chaos!!

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