Trying To Keep Cool.

9 May

We have a refrigeration dilemma going on here at the moneypit. We have finally reached capacity of use for the little  kenmore guy that we have lived with for the last 8 months, however now that we are facing a new baby and there’s more adults in the house it’s really not going to work for us any longer. We need a freezer, with ice and fast!

We didn’t want to waste more money by buying another intermediary fridge, but we aren’t really ready to install the kitchen and buy the final super awesome appliances. So what to do?  The fridge we want is this one from DCS as it will match the range we want to buy:

However it’s not avail right now and it’s not being released until mid-June and even then there will be a 2-3 week wait time for it…… the big question is can we get by with the little guy till then? Storing milk for the baby & all that good stuff? If we buy the DCS fridge now then its in the building site and there’s a risk of damage and of it having to be moved not only once but maybe twice as work continues around it.

Or do we stump up $500 for a bigger but still basic fridge to keep us going till we get the kitchen installed in late september and then buy the DCS fridge. The problem with that is we are laying out extra money we don’t really have and are then left with 3 fridges which is way more than any household should ever need!!!

Personally I think we should invest in a mini freezer  like this one which would solve a few of the problems and  then brave it out till Sept. At least our 2 compacts can be repurposed into the pool house/bar eventually and wont go to waste.

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