And then the rain came down……

15 May

Living in a literally open to the elements house was always going to be a challenge but we had a good run of weather ahead so were happy to go for it. Then the forecast changed and it went from one day of possible rain to 3 days of it back to back. Cue panic sheeting of the entire house….

We covered the entire upper portion of the house in the sheeting  and hoped for the best. And it rained and rained.  This was more than the predicted “shower”.

The sheeting did ok – until one of the gutters that had been cut for the first bay decided to empty at the wrong end.  We just happened to be up dealing with Jack who was having a toddler nightmare (the only time I’ve ever thanked him for this!!)  when Jon shouted to me to get pans quick as the water was streaming in through the roof of the living roof and it was quickly heading for the TV!

There was dirty roof rainwater all over my Ivory shag rug from pottery barn – yeah I know I was stupid to purchase such a light-colored rug in a house with kids anyway but now it was really  really dirty.  So the hunt for a professional cleaning firm is officially on! We moved the rug out-of-the-way and set up a line of towels and pans to gather the water. Then we went to the source. There was something hilarious about being 9 months pregnant and standing in an open bay window at midnight with my husband climbing over rafters whilst I held a light – if ever there was a time to lose it,  it was now, so I was pleased that we held it together so well. We grabbed a trash bin and used that to gather the water that was spilling down into the living room ceiling. It was filling at quite a rate so Jon set his alarm to check on it in a couple of hours and then it was back to bed as what else could we do but hope and wait!

In the morning after a quick clean up there wasn’t much sign of damage but now we are facing night two of rain and after some reinforcement of the sheeting we are yet again going to be hoping for the best.

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