Week 17: Constructing the bay windows, a plywood roof and weather watching!

15 May

Last week was the start of the roof coming off, this week its well and truly OFF!!! We are living with plywood between us and the sky and  have to say it has been a little on the chilly side despite the 70 degree days. We are also on baby watch as I have officially hit the week 38 mark and so now all bets are off as to when the lil fella will decide to make an appearance.

The construction of the bay windows is in full pelt and the upstairs of the house is open to the elements. This isn’t just missing roof but a missing wall too! The best way to talk you through this is with images, not words!….

This is the reframing work that was done to the side of the house to extend the laundry out and create a new roofline that is all along the same aspect .

This is Jack’s bedroom after day one of cutting a great big hole in the side of the house. The plastic sheeting was completely ineffective at keeping anything in or out of the house!

Here’s Jon hard at work cutting even more wood out of the front of the house under the watchful eye of our awesome carpenter. A platform was built into the lower roof space and then a small framing wall that will extend the full length of the lower roof. As these are full height bay windows – meaning you will be able to walk into them – the platform had to be strong and secure.

The lower roof all exposed and getting ready to cut out the second bay in what will be the master suite.

The house in all its current glory!!

Yet another debris pile growing by the second. Keeping a toddler away from this has been a challenge and we’ve had to invent a “pick up the nail” game where Jack collects the strewn rusty nails and puts them into a small bucket to make the house “safe”.  My biggest fear is of someone standing on one of these nails  and becoming incapacitated to keep working so its become a bit of an obsession!

The bays have to be in and done before the roofer’s can crack on with the metal roofing. We are hoping that they turn up on Monday again and are ready to crack on where they can as we are a little behind schedule with the carpentry. Once the bays are built Jon will also get the windows delivered on site. They are being held but the manufacturer till we are ready for them but I know we will want them in and the house sealed up asap!

Lastly you might be wondering how one earth do you prepare for a new baby with all this chaos going on? I was feeling the same way till I was able to set up a small safe haven on one side of our bedroom for the wee man. This small step has made me much calmer about bringing a newborn baby into the chaos of the moneypit.

We are able to keep this room and our room warm by having the heating on and it’s quite toasty – well until you turn it off that is and then the icy cold sets in very quickly!!!

As we face the end of this week  the weather is turning against us. There are rain showers predicted for the next 3 days which will seriously limit the amount of work that can be done and the worry is how far along we can get before that happens. I think large plastic sheets covering the entire house are most certainly in our future.  We are also losing David & Carol on Tuesday as their time is up and its time for them to return to the UK which will be a big blow to our daily work schedule and the garden’s progress!

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