Week 18 Roundup: Bay Windows!

25 May

This week we focused on getting one thing done – the new bay windows in the upper front two bedrooms.Until these are built we cannot crack on with the roof and are thus exposed to every natural element out there so we need to move these on.

It feels like its taking forever to do this but as soon as we strip back the siding  we are finding walls that are unsecured to anything and all kinds of other issues! To start us off  here’s a view of the house and just how open to the elements it actually is:

Yep – 2 big holes in the front of the house that get covered with plastic sheeting at the end of the working day! And here’s how it looks from the inside……

Heading up the stairs this is the view you are greeted with!

And this is another view of that bay being constructed:

                                                                                                               and here is a view of the master suite bay window being constructed:

As you can see they are full height bay’s that you can walk into. Its really exciting to see the extra space and light that these windows bring into these bedrooms. The views from them are incredible and I cant wait to see the glass go in sometime in the next few weeks and of course have these big holes sealed up!

The lower roof line has also been changed and Adrian our carpenter has done an amazing job of re-aligning a very out of whack lower roof line and strengthening it ready to hold the  mini extension on the front and these new bays.

                                                                                                                    The weather has played ball with us this week but there’s more rain forecast for week 19, which, will involve much of the same in terms of build out  I fear. And for those of you on baby watch – still no sign. We hit week 39 this week and are just waiting. I half believe that this is one smart kid who’s waiting for the roof to be water tight before he comes home!!!

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