Week 19 Roundup: Exposed to the Elements, Again!

28 May

We’ve become frantic weather watchers over the last few weeks here at the money pit – a single day of rain can cause all kinds of chaos right now so we are regular checkers of the forecast and I don’t meant daily, we have been watching it hourly on weather.com!!! Still when it doesn’t go our way there’s not a lot we can do about it other than gather up the containers and start collecting the dirty water.

Despite all this worry  we made a huge leap forward this week and in the process got even more exposed than ever before. As I’ve said it always seems to get worse before it gets better! Adrian finished the lower roof line and was able to move onto strengthening the new extension floor that Jon and his dad had previously built. Apparently there was a few things that weren’t quite up to code so we ripped it out and re-did it all.

Structural beams were run across the garage ceiling and a new supportive beam was put into place which has made this whole extension rock solid. However this has been a little bit terrifying as there’s nothing beneath this floor , it plunges straight into the garage concrete floor so we had to carefully explain to Jack that under no circumstances was he allowed upstairs alone.

WIth the floor strengthened it was time to re-tackle the wall between the new front bay and the existing part of the house. Again this needed some extra work done on it. This meant a day or two where the house looked like this:

Completely and utterly open to the elements. I came home from Yoga (not sure why I bother trying to relax at this stage!!!) and the neighbor said to me “Hey maybe you’ll have walls by the end of the day??” I laughed not really knowing what he was referring too as you can’t quite see this from the front of the house. Then I walked upstairs.

I don’t think you can get any more open to the elements than this! Adrian is frantically building this wall as fast as he can (he literally works 7-6pm everyday – its unreal!)  but  we got caught out with the rain today. We had thought we were in for a dry run for a full week which would have been great, but no!

Windows for the bays also arrived this week and they look great although there’s a few problems with them…1) they have put stainless steel handles on them instead of the powder coated we wanted – we can live with this tho as the stainless is an upgrade for free! 2) all the windows are sized 3/4 of an inch to small – they must have taken our exact measurements and adjusted them for some reason and 3) finally screen holes have been drilled on some windows where there wont be any screens which is unacceptable as we cannot install windows with holes in!! Here’s a snapshot of the windows:

Jon is working through the issues to get them fixed but I guess a remodel wouldn’t be so difficult if it wasn’t for things like this happening. I’m pretty excited to get these installed in the next week or so into the bay’s so we can have a warm and water tight house once again!

Jack is getting used to water leaking in his house and he’s pretty unfazed by it all as long as it doesn’t affect the TV. Tho he does struggle to understand why we cant yet have play-dates at our house! Our main weak spot is the living room ceiling as this is under the lower roof which is completely exposed right now. This coupled with the fact that my ivory shag rug sits along the fault line for the water has caused us no end of stress. The day the roof is watertight again will be a very very happy one here in the Howe household I can tell you,

We had also been hoping to have full use of the new family bathroom upstairs but there’s some plumbing issues that have been plaguing the shower, it leaks badly every time we use it and Jon is working hard to isolate the problem before the roof gets covered in and access is harder as the plumbing is all on the front wall. All in all its been quite a trying week!

On a more positive note we hit week 40 at the end of this week in terms of the baby, and there’s no sign of him coming out yet so there’s time for us to try to get things a little more under control on the home front. I’m out hiking and exercising everyday to incentivize him to come soon as the longer he’s inside the bigger he’s getting, and Jon had a work trip to China planned which is looking less and less likely now given the lack of baby activity which on reflection might not be a bad thing as I could use a roof asap as I need my husband here to get that!!

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