Discovering Horchow

30 May

I came across a link the other day and that led to another link and before I knew it I was on a new website (to me anyway!) called Horchow that had the most amazing chandeliers. We are still debating what to do a) about the stairwell as the Bocci light that I love is so clearly out of our price range, and b) what to hang in our bedroom as I want a statement piece but nothing that will dictate the rest of the color scheme as that is still tbc.

I saw this pendant light and it could be perfect for the bedroom, its so pretty but simple at the same time. My one concern is the sheer size of it – it looks pretty big (and there’s no point me looking at the dimensions as I am notoriously bad at understanding sizes and putting them into context!!!) and our ceilings are actually not that high and I am not into banging my head everytime I get out of bed!

Capiz-Shell Pendant Light – Horchow.

I also loved this mirrored Chandelier that could be just stunning in my formal living room  – its got a hint of art deco about it which would be just lovely.

Janice Minor – Three-Tiered Chandelier – Horchow.

Neither of the above solve my stairwell issue but  we are getting there slowly and maybe a god somewhere will bestow a Bocci on me!!! I can dream 🙂

One Response to “Discovering Horchow”

  1. Audrey June 3, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Hey Sam, it’s Audrey. 🙂 Check out for a bunch of Horchow look-alike light fixtures at reasonable prices. Here’s what comes up when you search for “capiz chandelier” – more than 400 options…

    Hope all is well!

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