A New Vintage Style

6 Jun

Restoration Hardware does “new vintage” really well. They have cornered the market on making old new again and doing it with style, and their stuff isn’t just for grown ups either.

I saw these vintage-esque  storage options the other day at Restoration Hardware Baby & Kids and I love them. They could be a really fun ways to keep a family living area under control without sacrificing on style.

They also had this great print of london districts that I am in love with and think would be a great addition to our “brits abroad” home.

This black globe they have would be a nice touch to my eldest sons “world traveller” themed room, I’d love a shelf of all different kinds of globes so that I can show him how the world is constantly evolving.

I also saw some great old “schoolhouse” style chairs and tables that would be awesome in a play area and very hard wearing no doubt! I’m learning to not write a store off just because its general style doesn’t fit into our “modern” aesthetic.  Vintage accents here and there will make a modern home feel more warm and inviting so I’m embracing all kinds of things!

One Response to “A New Vintage Style”

  1. Ruth Pfeiffer June 13, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    Renovating a house can be a daunting task. I lived in many different places during my 37 years and counting of marriage. No matter how long you are married, the renovation never stops. When my children were young we lived in rented houses because my husband was in the military and we lived in many different places including Germany. Two of the houses that we lived in, my husband helped to renovate the kitchens for our landlords. My husband had the renovation knowledge and our landlords wanted cheap help. At any rate, we renovated for someone else. Renovating for yourself is more fun because at least you can pick out what you like and not what someone else likes. While we were renovating for someone else we had what I called vintage furniture. It was all hand-me downs from family, and I did appreciate that. We have come along way since those days and my family is now all grown up and have their own families. We are now renovating our home, but this rime it is for our grand kids. Remember, that when you are finished with your baby furniture, don’t put it in the baby furniture graveyard. Re-use it in another way. I am re-using a baby changing table as my quilting rack display table and it looks great. That table use to change diapers and now it displays quilts. My two sons also had a globe in their bedroom and it was neat to show them all the different places they lived in during their growing up years. Enjoy your family because they grow up fast.

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