Week 20 Round Up: Chaos, No Heating and A New Babe!

19 Jun

Apologies for the delay in getting week 20 out there, its been quite a busy 2 weeks and there’s a lack of images for the house for week 20 for reasons explained below!!!

Week 20 came at us with a bang – we had bad weather, leaking ceilings, broken heating, discovery of potential rats and then at the end of it our second son Charlie decided to come into the world! So where to start…ahh yes the weather…..

June  in SF so far is officially the wettest June since 1967! Of course  this brought a ton of extra stress to our remodel as we were still not watertight and the roof consisted of only Plywood which leaks like crazy when you wet it! The rain came down and it came down hard. I dropped our son Jack off at preschool and came home to find the living room flooded under an inch of water at least! The TV and Mac survived thanks to the quick thinking of our carpenter Adrian who had covered them with waterproof paper, but once again my poor cream shag rug took a beating.

That same day the heating packed in working. The furnace which had been keeping at least our 2 bedrooms warm with the rest of the house being open , was refusing to blow warm air out – and the house was really cold! This was not the optimum setting to bring a newborn baby into.

Later that day, when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Adrian called Jon and I into the laundry area where he had been working on the framing.  He had removed the siding from that part of the house and 2 rats had jumped out and scampered off. sigh. So are we now facing a live rat problem again? It’s hardly surprising as the house has been so open for the last few weeks  and with the bad weather if I was a rodent I’d have taken up shelter in our house too. However we had to get this dealt with asap. Jon crawled under the house again with some spray foam to check out for potential holes and thankfully found no more evidence of rodent activity. He filled in all the gaps  and Adrian worked on filling in the external holes so that we were sealed again – for now at least. It seems we’ve had a lucky escape this time but it’s definitely something we will be keeping an eye on.

After the stress of that day we decided to just relax on the sofa when my water broke, so off to the hospital we went!!  At 3.20am the next morning Charlie Booker Howe entered into the world. He was 8lb 9oz of pure loveliness and is the most mellow child ever (hardly surprising considering what he’s being born into!).

I decided to stay in the hospital as long as possible  as a) the house still had no heating and wouldn’t till the monday  and b) I was getting room service  and being well cared for so I had no intention of giving that up too soon!! and c) the weather was raging outside with storms and rain and I didn’t want to be in the house with that going on.

Things weren’t so easy for Jon at home – the storms kept raging and the roof kept leaking and at one point he was up on the roof  wrestling with a giant plastic sheet at 3am in nothing but his underpants trying to stem the leaks. I swear if the neighbors had looked out of their window they would have been in for a shock!

Week 21 wasn’t quite as dramatic and more progress was made on the house……..

One Response to “Week 20 Round Up: Chaos, No Heating and A New Babe!”

  1. Ruth Pfeiffer June 30, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    Congratulations on your new little one, he is adorable. You know how the old saying goes, “it never rains unless it pours”, lol, I guess you are living proof of that. We all just keep moving along and take what life gives us. I understand the rodent issue during remodeling. A few years back we remodeled our home and put on an addition for my mom to live in. The addition took 4 months to complete and it was during the fall and winter months of the year. During that remodeling process we developed a problem with mice. I didn’t think about that problem developing during remodeling and one night I saw one scurry across the dinning room floor. That set me back for awhile. Then I noticed that they were living in my kitchen cabinets, what a mess they make. I went to bleaching and cleaning like crazy. I set mouse traps every where and I caught them. After the addition was completed we have not had any more problems with them and it has been 10 years now. I still keep my eye out for them because we do have woods in the back of the house.

    Your new little baby boy is really cute. I like his name because my dad’s name was Charles. Taking care of a new born as well as a toddler plus remodeling your home has to be challenging. Good luck with the remodel and enjoy your little ones while they are little because they grow up fast. If you need any ideas for your babies nursery please visit http://www.babiestotoddler.com. We are all about babies and toddlers.

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