Week 21 Round Up: Framing, Walls and More Repairs

22 Jun

After the drama of week 20 we were hoping for a more settled week 21. Our baby was here, I was home and we settled into trying to figure out life with 2 kids and a remodel and only 1 working adult!

This week we continued with the framing – Adrian finished the bump out in what will be Jack’s room. It’s great to see how structurally sound it is and what a difference it makes to the house roof line. This room now needs insulation and drywall and electrics to be finished, oh and windows of course!

We are enjoying having the plastic off the house as the warm weather has really kicked into gear here in California…thank goodness! It’s also been a bit of a “grand reveal” to the neighborhood as much of the work in the last 3 weeks was done under wraps. So many of the neighbors have commented on how good its starting to look and I have to agree that the house is really taking shape – slowly but surely!

We also created the opening for the new hallway window in the upstairs which will give a lot more light to the corridor, there is a matching window location wise at the other end of the hall in the master bedroom. The windows should be ready to go in the house in a couple of weeks which is exciting!

And another exciting development happened this week in that the handrail arrived for the staircase and Jon and Adrian were able to fit it. It looks amazing and I’m really happy with  it and so glad we stuck to the horizontal design. It was a little rough around the edges but Jon has smoothed it out with iron paste to give it all the same black finish. He also spent a fair amount of time cutting the wooden top piece of the handrail to fit perfectly and it looks great.


Finally we started on the outside wall of the side of the house and unearthed a whole heap of issues! Once Adrian had pulled off the siding here we could see some rotten wood and we had to break out some concrete to be able to replace some of the structure…this was super noisy to say the least! We have so much concrete to break out that I suppose I’d better get used to the sound of the jack hammer.

We also had to reframe some of the laundry structure to make it up to code and to replace some of the old timbers. You might also see that new fascia boards have been added to the front and sides of the house too. We chose a smaller fascia than before as it was a bit thick and heavy and wouldn’t go with the new design – these were amazingly expensive, more expensive than we had budgeted for (tho at this stage the budget feels kind of out of the window!)  as we got a pre-treated wood that will last for a long time.


Here’s the laundry all open to whatever wants to come in!!  I’m praying that nothing takes up permanent residence whilst we are in this state 😦

For week 22 we are going to finish off the laundry and side of the house and then start on the front extension which will be super disruptive but well worth it to have the front of the house all finished and perfect!

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