Week 23: House Front Work and Windows

16 Aug

Week 23 started where we had left off for week 22 – with the concrete foundation for the front extension. Once the form passed the inspection it was time for us to call in the concrete guys. This had our 3 yr old in a flurry of excitement as a real life concrete truck was coming to the house! We managed to clear off the driveway (no mean feat believe me)  enough for the truck to back up to the front and they began to pour. I was amazed how fast it is, in just 15 mins and we were poured.

Pretty soon we had a new extension that just needed to dry..keeping Jack away from this was going to be fun!

Whilst that was drying Adrian cracked on with something that I thought was never going to happen – WINDOWS! Yes finally we were going to become airtight in the Moneypit….the windows had all been delivered and were going in.

The windows as previously mentioned were coming from Alumatherm who are based in the Bay Area (we love buying local). Jon had even been to the factory to see them in progress and check in on our order. These guys were efficient and reasonably priced and produced a very high quality window. The one issue was all the windows had been produced 1/2 inch too small but as we hadn’t built any openings yet we could easily adjust our plans to accommodate this.

Here’s the first of the big bay’s going in, and a shot from the inside…

The window work wasn’t messy but it sure was noisy, and it didn’t go down too well with our super patient neighbors when Jon decided that working at 7.30am on July 4th morning was the way forward!! He quickly stopped when loud complaints over the fence could be heard!

With the windows in the house temperature inside has gone up a good 10 degrees! no more cold drafts blowing through the front of the house. All we need now is a roof!

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